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Will Classic Cars Be Forgotten by New Generations of Car Collectors?

Hot August Nights 2019 just wrapped up last weekend in Reno and some attendees noticed a shift in the interest of our younger generations.  It seems that millennials and younger age groups are not gravitating towards classic cars and trucks from the 40s, 50s & 60s like generations before them.

Regardless of classics, custom-mods or modern-day exotics, kids still have a love for four wheels like their parents and grandparents did.  However, in this technology-driven world, it seems that these kid’s interest in what is considered cool or beloved is certainly changing.

No one is claiming that an entire generation is losing interest in the vehicles of the golden age of cars, but there certainly is a noticeable shift.  There are still many families that are exposing their children to classic car shows like Hot August Nights or a Goodguys car shows around the nation.  Many of these kids, teens and young adults still share the love for an all original classic.  It’s like a family tradition for many.

On the other hand, when attending collector car events like Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, it is easy to see that the young-ones are drawn more towards concept cars, exotics and custom-mods with modern-day features.

Car shows today are attracting a younger audience more than ever before and organizers of these events are adapting to their younger audience.  Events are commonly raising the year limits on displayed vehicles up into the 80s and even 90s as well as welcoming a larger number of exotic and contemporary custom cars.  The overall focus on classics is now moving towards “future classics” because the next generation of enthusiasts are simply interested in different vehicles now.

Channel 4 News in Reno had a segment covering just this topic during the Hot August Nights this year.  They interviewed classic car owners that had their rides on display for the attendees to enjoy.  They ask the questions “Will the younger generations appreciate these older vehicles?”  and more importantly, “Will they spend the money to restore them in the future?”  We certainly hope that the passion for these older classics never dies but is passed down from generation to generation for years to come.

Check out the Channel 4 interview and listen to the insights and opinions of car enthusiasts at Hot August Nights that sheds some light on whether or not hot rods and classics will be kept alive.

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