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Video Vault: The First Ford Bronco Commercial and Others That Followed

One of the most iconic SUVs the world has ever seen is the Ford Bronco.  By the mid-1960s, four-wheeling had become extremely popular and the Ford Bronco was built to deliver some serious off-roading fun.

Although there were other 4×4 vehicles out there, the Ford Bronco that debuted in 1966 was youthful and fun, just like the Mustang. And, like Ford’s pony car, the Bronco had an option to be equipped with V-8 power, a rarity among small 4x4s.

Another advantage the Bronco had over its competitors was the all-new front suspension. Ford’s coil-sprung, solid-axle design was smooth-riding and more advanced than their rivals. The cabin designs cabin was more modern, too. Broncos were available as roadsters, half-cab pickups, and a wagon with a removable hardtop.

Ford pulled out all the stops to market their new SUV and playfully called it the “first 4-wheel-drive sports car”.  Ford Motor Company created a promotional video in 1966 praising the advantages of the highly capable new Bronco.  It is titled “A Breed Apart” and is about 12 minutes long but is a great glimpse back into 1960s publicizing.

A much shorter version promoting the new Ford bronco was the commercial that flooded television airways in 1966.  That is where you will see and hear them refer to it as the “first 4-wheel-drive sports car” along with feeling the excitement of owning one.

The second-generation Bronco made its debut in 1978 and along with it came another commercial campaign.  This time they filmed near Mt. Rushmore in an attempt, from what we saw, to solidify the Broncos importance in the American landscape.

We saw a lot of changes to the Ford Bronco in the years that followed including the introduction of the Bronco II, which was a smaller, compact version.  The full-size Bronco was discontinued in 1996, two years after the infamous OJ Simpson chase.  That wasn’t the reason though…  According to Mark Schirmer, a communications director for Ford utility vehicles, the model line was ended to make room for the automaker’s newest additions to the lineup which were the large SUV family-style replacements, the Ford Expedition, and the Ford Explorer.

Fast Forward to 2020 and the Ford Bronco is making a comeback!  It looks like a stellar vehicle that we believe will become an instant classic.  The latest commercial for it certainly creates a lot of hype and anticipation around its release in 2021.  We sure hope it lives up to its legend!  Here is the latest commercial for the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco and we think it is a great tribute to the first-generation Bronco while giving us a short glimpse of what is to come with the sixth generation.


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