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TV’s Best Classic Car Restoration Shows

top-gearThere are a number of television shows that are based on the love of car enthusiasts.  As a matter of fact, Top Gear which is broadcast by the BBC network is the most widely watched factual TV show in the world!  They even have the Guinness World Record to prove it.

Here in the USA we have a number of shows dedicated to the automobile as well including our own version of Top Gear (Even though it isn’t rated nearly as high as the original).  The number of shows based solely on classic car restoration and customization has seen a considerable climb over the years.  Here is a list of the top five we have our DVRs set to record.


This is probably the greatest classic car show on television to date.  The entire premise of the show is to overhaul a classic for someone deserving.  Each week the legendary Chip Foose and his team manage to trick the unsuspecting car owner into believing their car has been stolen or gone missing.  They then do a complete rebuild of the vehicle to bring the Chip Foose design to life and surprise the owner with the completed car.  It is a great show as they are not in it for the money, but rather for bringing joy to someone that has been dreaming of the restoration, but just didn’t have the means to accomplish it.  Chip is not only generous, but is considered by many to be the best custom classic car designer in the world.

Fast ‘n’ Loud

This show is based on the business of a local Texas boy named Richard Rawlings.  He and his crew at Gas Monkey Garage search every inch of Texas and the surrounding states looking for forgotten and abused classics to restore.   Richard brings money and experience while his accomplice Aaron Kaufman brings the expertise. The two of them find diamonds in the rough each week that they will restore in an attempt to make some cold hard cash. These two make a great team and turn out some amazing looking cars that are sold all over the world!  Some of the best episodes are when Richard is out shopping for projects on his own. Without Aaron’s advice you will be surprised with the crazy vehicles he finds and brings back to the garage for the guys to restore!

Chasing Classic Cars

Wayne Carini, the co-owner of F40 Motorsports is also the host of the thrilling show Chasing Classic Cars.  This show gives a unique look at an insider’s view of some of the rarest and most sought after classic cars in existence.  Wayne buys, restores and sells vintage rides and has exclusive access to some of the most prestigious garages and car collections in the world of which many are only open to Wayne.  With a lifetime of experience in automobile restoration Wayne has built a reputation as one of the industry’s leading experts and each week he takes us along on the thrill of the chase!

Desert Car Kings

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona the Desert Car Kings television show gives us the ins and outs of the daily challenges, adventures and occasional hijinks of the McClure family that operate Desert Valley Auto Parts.  Jason and his father Ron usually race against the clock to complete a restoration that will be sent to auction to be sold to collectors.  Each week they seem to out-do themselves and produce some incredible classic car and truck restorations.  With more than 10,000 rust free vehicles on 100 acres of their land, they certainly have the parts to make it happen and with the talent in the shop, they almost always beat the clock.

Counting Cars

There are a lot of hustlers in Vegas and  Danny “The Count” Koker is one of the best.  We mean that in a every positive way possible!  In each episode Danny almost always seems to find an unsuspecting car owner and asks if he can make a deal with them to part with their treasured vehicle.  He can be very persuasive with on-the-spot cash offers and in Vegas, money talks!  He and his guys over at Count’s Kustoms put out some beautiful creations and manage to keep turning a profit for the next venture.  It’s an entertaining show to watch as they buy, restore, flip and customize everything from classic Corvettes to motorcycles into some of the sickest rides of all time.

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