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Treasure Maps Show Last Locations of Missing Classic Cars Worth $200 Million

A premier car and commercial vehicle leasing broker in the UK by the name of Select Car Leasing has created some very cool treasure maps that show the last known locations of 20 missing classic cars from all around the globe.

The estimated value of these missing vehicles is estimated to be around $200 million or more.  One of the vehicles on the list is an incredibly special Aston Martin mysteriously went missing from an airplane hangar in Florida back in 1997.  The missing Aston Martin DB5 is none other than the vehicle driven by 007 himself in the wildly popular James Bond film, ‘Goldfinger’.  We wrote an article about this very car back in 2018 when the investigation of its whereabouts started to heat up.  The estimated value of this secret service movie car is over $6 million.

Another notable car on the treasure map is the 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder that James Dean died in.  It went missing while being shipped to Hollywood and if the package ever arrives, there is an estimated $5 million dollar reward.

Two of the missing classics aren’t technically missing.  We know their rough whereabouts, but they would be hard to recover seeing they are both on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. A Chrysler Norman and a Renault Type CB Coupe De Ville went down with the ship when the Andrea Doria sank in 1956 and the Renault was on the Titanic.

Much higher on the price list is a Duesenberg SJ-506 that was left behind in Algeria by its car racing owner Emile Beghain, who fled the country’s civil war in 1962. Another Model J became the most-expensive American car ever sold when it was auctioned for $22 million in 2018. Beghain’s car would likely command a similar price if it ever surfaced in good condition.

However, the most expensive missing car is the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic.  Its last known whereabouts was at the company’s headquarters in Mosheim, France, in 1938.  Legend says it was shipped to Bordeaux for safekeeping from the invading Nazis. Only four were produced and La Voiture Noire, “The Black Car”, is valued at $100 million if it is ever found.

Here are the treasure maps created by Select Car Leasing.  You can also read the original article here where they have further details on the vehicles that are still missing.

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