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The Pros and Cons of Using a Car Cover on Your Classic Car or Truck

A lot of time, work and money goes into restoring a classic car or truck. Now that it is looking its best, you need to think about how to keep it that way. Ask any classic car restoration expert and they will tell you a good cover is a necessity. Wilson Auto Repair in Texas is one of many restoration shops that highly recommends that their customers purchase a California Car Cover.

Not only does a car cover protect the exterior and paint from damaging elements like dust, snow, rain and debris, but it also helps protect the interior from sun damage. This minimal investment can really help keep the overall value of your vehicle from declining.

The pros of having a cover for your classic car or truck are obvious, but they are only effective if you select the right type of cover for your situation. Covers are made from many types of materials to best protect a vehicle depending on where the vehicle will be stored.   Factors like climate and common weather conditions determine what type of cover you will need.

Probably the largest determining factor of which cover you need is if you will be storing the vehicle inside or outside. There are covers specially designed for both applications. Let’s take a closer look at the covers we have available for both.

Indoor Covers

Indoor covers are best suited for those that keep their classic car or truck in a garage or other indoor storage facility. They are best suited towards battling dust and dings often encountered in close spaces. You can read a customer’s testimonial on how well these indoor covers really work! Here are the six-unique indoor classic car cover types offered.

California Customweave Car Cover – California Customweave is a soft material that stretches for a body-hugging fit. It is the car cover that truly fits “like a glove”.

Plushweave Cotton Flannel Car Cover – Plushweave Cotton Flannel Car Cover is the only true 100% cotton car cover you will find on the market. It has been a best seller since the 1960s!

Dustop Car Cover – Dustop Car Covers are a soft-as-flannel fabric that are an ultrasonically bonded four layer composite material designed for enhanced dust protection, while pampering the finish of your vehicle.

ViewShield See Through Car Cover – ViewShield fabric is best suited for indoor use to protect your vehicle from dust without taking it out of view.

Satin Fleece Car Cover – Satin Fleece Custom Car Cover fabric offers the softest touch to protect the paint of your classic car from dust and dings while in storage indoors or during brief outdoor periods like weekend car shows.

Softweave Cotton Car Cover – Softweave cloth is very breathable and is a great choice for protecting garaged stored classics. Softweave is also treated to help repel small amounts of water should your vehicle need to be stored outside for a short period of time.

Outdoor Covers

Outdoor covers are going to be made with a little more durability in mind. They not only help protect against dust, but add additional protection against UV exposure, rain and other outdoor elements that can otherwise wreak havoc on a classic car or truck. Here are the seven-unique outdoor classic car cover types offered.

Superweave Car Cover – This outdoor use cover is the premium choice for outdoor, all-weather storage protection. Superweave has the highest UV protection, water and weather resistance of any car cover.

Superweave Premium Car Cover – This cover provides superior outdoor, all-weather storage protection. The Superweave Premium cover was developed primarily for vehicles exposed to intense sun environments and harsh coastline weather.

Noah Car Cover – The Kimberly Clark NOAH Car Cover fabric stops virtually all dust, dirt and pollution. It is highly water and dust resistant, but still allows for moisture and condensation to evaporate away from your vehicle’s finish.

Stormweave Car Cover – This cover has dense construction that cushions against parking lot dings, nicks, dents and is resistant to tears and punctures. It is made from evolution 4 fabric which is highly water resistant and blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays from the sun and has a 180 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor).

Ultraweave Car Cover – This durable outdoor car cover material provides a high degree of water resistance and UV protection, and is designed to retain its color and strength in extended outdoor usage.

Sunbrella Car Cover – Developed primarily for intense sun environments and long-term storage, Sunbrella car cover material will provide unsurpassed protection from the harshest UV rays that can damage your cars paint and interior.

Multiweave II Car Cover – This cover uses a 3-layer non-woven construction process to produce a car cover that offers great protection at an affordable price.

When you are selecting a cover for your classic car or truck, you need to find a cover that is best suited for the climates and conditions you will be storing it in. Ultimately the pros of using a car cover is meant for protection from weather and elements, but they are also a great theft deterrent as well.

Many people don’t recognize this positive feature of a car cover when they first purchase it, but adding another layer of protection to your ride not only stops the rain, sun rays and dust from getting to your car, it also dramatically helps deter would be criminals from targeting your car as well.

One of the only cons from using a car cover on your classic car or truck is selecting the wrong size or type for your application. If you buy a cover meant for the indoors and use it outside anyway, it should make sense that it will not fully protect your vehicle the way the proper outdoor type would. The wrong material will not protect your vehicle from all that mother nature will throw at it like sun, rain, wind, bird droppings, scratches, dings, dirt and more.

The biggest con of using a car cover is when you purchase the wrong size. A cover that is too large can easily be blown around or off in windy conditions. If the cover can move too easily, wind can make the cover rub against your finish and cause damaging scratches.

Car covers are available for every make, model and year. Custom covers are also available for those hot rods that may have been customized outside of their original dimensions. It is best to take your time when deciding which cover is best suited for your needs. You can also always contact a classic car cover specialist for assistance in choosing the right cover for you.

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