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The Best Way to Select a Classic Car Repair Shop in Texas

Repairing and maintaining classic cars is different than the repair and maintenance of modern-day vehicles.

Classic cars didn’t utilize driver’s aids like power steering and computers. And most mechanics at your neighborhood repair shop have no experience working on classic cars.

Here’s the best way to select a classic car repair shop in Texas: drive by the shop and look at the cars in the lot.

If you see the lot and shop full of classic cars, stop in, and find out what they can do for you.

However, if you only see one or two classic cars mixed in with tons of modern-day cars, then keep on moving down the road.

See, some shops in Texas repair classic cars as their specialty. It’s all they do.

Other shops repair classic cars as a sideline, a “once in a while” thing to earn some extra bucks so they can keep their mechanics working.

You wouldn’t go see a foot doctor to solve a heart problem.

Don’t go see a “once in a while” shop to repair your classic car. Your safety is too important. See a specialist in classic car repairs. They’ll know where to source the best parts and how to perform the best repairs for vehicle safety and performance.

At Wilson Auto Repair in Garland, Texas, all we work on is classic cars. That’s all we’ve done since 1986.

We do routine maintenance, restore old classics to a street ready condition, and can do complete restorations to a show ready condition.

Come check us out. You’ll see a lot full of classic cars. That’s what we do!

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