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The Best Classic Christmas Cars & Trucks on Pinterest

Christmas 2020 is here, and this year has been like no other. There are plenty of decorations on trees and homes, but big family gatherings are still to be avoided for everyone’s safety.

That doesn’t mean we can’t still spread some holiday cheer and what better wany to do that than decorating a classic car or truck to cruise around (weather permitting) and letting everyone enjoy from a safe distance.

Have you ever seen a classic car or truck all decked out for the holiday season?  When done right, it can really be a sight to behold and the talk of the neighborhood.  To help inspire those that want to make their classic car into an ornament a reality, we took to Pinterest for some creative decorating ideas. is our go to source for that type of thing.  There a literally 100s of Pinterest Boards dedicated to Christmas Cars.  We went on a search within those boards that focused on classic cars and trucks rather than pictures of someone with the decorative reindeer antlers & nose on their new Ram truck.

Here are some of our favorite Pinterest boards that focus on classic cars & trucks decorated for Christmas.

Christmas car decoration
Just a great all-around mix of classic cars and trucks all lit up for Christmas.  There are a lot of cool Christmas Jeeps and big rigs on this board.

Classic Christmas Cars
On this Pinterest Board you’ll find classic cars, trucks, trains, and vintage toys ready for Christmas.  There is even a vintage tractor or two lit up with decorations.

Christmas Cars, etc.
Sharon Gervais has over 1,300 followers for her Christmas Cars, etc. board and for good reason. She has hundreds of great shots of real vintage cars decorated for the holidays, but they also have etc.… similarly, there are also plenty of vintage bikes, boats and campers all dressed up with holiday cheer.

Over 380 images of Christmas classic cars & trucks.  It is a great mix of real vehicles, models and illustrations.  Plenty of Ho Ho Hot Rods on this board, making it one of our favorites.

Christmas Cars
There might not be as many pictures here as the other boards, but these pictures are really unique.  Classic cars, a fire engine, a few dump trucks, a tow truck and a super cool vintage Jeep off-roader are all decked out.  The first image may be disturbing though…poor Santa.  LOL

Christmas ‘Car in a Jar’
This board made our favorite list not because of the real classic cars and trucks, but rather the ingenious idea of using classic car and truck models to create small winter scenes inside glass jars to be used for decorations around the home or as an amazing Christmas gift.  We think it is ingenious and will be making our own this season.

These last two Pinterest boards showcase some amazing family photography using vintage cars and trucks as props in the pictures.  Have a look and maybe they will inspire you to get some great family photos this season!

Christmas car photo
Vintage cars at Christmas:

We hope these fun photos raised your Christmas spirit!  Have a happy holiday from all of us at Wilson Auto Repair!

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