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The 8 Best Modifications and Upgrades for Your Jeep

As a proud owner, you might be looking for ways to modify and upgrade your Jeep. As wonderful as a factory-made Jeep can be, certain modifications can help you make the most of your Jeep. Deciding how to upgrade your Jeep all depends on where and how you like to drive. From off-roading to cruising down the highway at peak speeds, there are so many ways to step up your game. According to SEMA, 60% of TJ and JK Wranglers are modified with specialty equipment parts. Consider adding some of these popular modifications to your Jeep and take your vehicle to the next level.

Light Bar

Let’s face it, it’s always good to have some extra light when you’re driving in the middle of the night. Even if you don’t like to go off-road, you might still have trouble seeing when you’re driving on a pitch-black country road. Add a custom light bar to the front of your Jeep to help you see more clearly at night. City-dwellers shouldn’t have to worry about this too much, but, as soon as you leave all those streetlights behind, you’ll be glad you have a light bar.

Replacement Hood Latches

Ever notice your hood bouncing and jostling around when you’re cruising around? You’re not alone. Factory Jeeps come with rubber hood latches that can sometimes leave room for the hood to vibrate at certain speeds. Consider investing in some quality aluminum or steel hood latches that will help keep your hood secure during highway speeds and in the off-roading adventures.

Jeep Lift Kit

What’s the point of owning a Jeep if you can’t go off-road? If you get tired of driving on paved surfaces, considering shopping for Jeep lift kits that raise the suspension of your vehicle. Jeep Wrangler lift kits give you extra room for larger tires, so you can tackle all kinds of terrain with ease. You’ll also have more ground clearance, putting space between the body of your Jeep and all those obstacles you’re bound to encounter off-road. It’s best to start with 2- or 4-inch Jeep lift kits and work your way up from there.

Aggressive Off-Road Tires

Once you raise the suspension with a lift kit, it’s time to start looking larger more aggressive off-road tires. You can easily make room for 33-inch tires or larger, giving you more traction on and off the road. If you’re constantly forging your way through the mud and snow or creeping up steep cliffs, go with a more aggressive tire like an M/T (Mud Terrain) tire. These tires typically come with a more aggressive look that serves several purposes including mud, snow and off-road capabilities. If you are still commuting daily in your Jeep, you should consider an A/T (All-Terrain) tire or even a hybrid tire that is good for off-road and on-road use.

Winch Accessory Kit

Regardless of where you like to drive, there’s always a chance your Jeep might get stuck in the wrong place, like a muddy trail or a deep ditch on the side of the road. That’s why it’s helpful to have a winch accessory kit. This might include gloves, D-rings, recovery straps, and bumper tow hooks for getting your Jeep out of the mud or snow. Even if you like to stay on paved surfaces, winter weather can easily raise the stakes, so come prepared with a winch accessory kit.

Front and Rear Bumpers

While your Jeep comes with front and rear bumpers when it rolls off the production line, most aftermarket bumpers serve a purpose of containing your new front winch or protecting the front and rear of your Jeep during those weekends you are off-roading. That’s why you should consider upgrading your bumpers, not just for off-road adventures but for protection against harder hits on the road. Choose between the tubular design, featuring two tubes that run across the front and back, or the modular design, featuring a solid, stubby bumper. This extra cushion goes a long way when you’re bumping up against all kinds of objects and debris.

Floor Mats and Entry Guards

No one likes a dirty Jeep…on the inside. Mud, dirt, and snow will cover the inside and outside of your Jeep if you’re not careful. This goes for off-roaders and everyday drivers alike. Install heavy-duty rubber floor mats in your Jeep to keep the interior clean. As the mat gets packed up with all kinds of debris, you can easily take it out and rinse it off in no time.

Entry guards do the same thing for the exterior of your Jeep. They protect the area where you climb into your Jeep, so even if you have scratches on the door sill from getting in and out, you can easily make it look new again and protect it from future scratches with entry guards.

Locker System

Most base model factory Jeeps do not come with an axle locking system unless you have the Rubicon set up on your Jeep, so it’s a great investment if you’re driving in low-traction areas like the mud, dirt, and snow. A locking system ensures both of your front tires spin in unison, lessening the likelihood of your tires getting caught. You’ll need the extra push if you find yourself in a large pit of snow or mud. If you feel your tires spinning, just engage the locking system, and your tires will be more likely to plow through.

In Conclusion

The Jeep remains one of America’s most wanted vehicles right out of the factory, but you may want to add a few things to fully enjoy your ride. Many of these modifications and upgrades are designed to give you more peace of mind as you cruise from one destination to the next. You’ll have more traction in the mud, ice, and snow. You can easily retrieve your Jeep if you get stuck. And you can see clearly at night. Invest in some of these upgrades today to make the most of your Jeep.

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