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Take a Cruise to the Classic Car Capital of Texas

Small town living is on the rise across the USA.  People are leaving the big cities for a simpler way of life.  Smaller communities offer just that.  A sense of community where stores are locally owned, you know your neighbors better and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to raise a family.

When it comes to the Texas classic car community, there is no small town more recognized around these parts than Nocona, Texas.  Nocona has been known for years as the “Classic Car Capital of Texas”.  Just a short cruise into Northern Texas Hill Country from Dallas-Fort Worth and you will quickly learn why this town holds that title.

Every year Nocona hosts the fastest growing classic car show in Texas.  It is 3 days of classic car cruising, shows and auctions.  “Cruisin’ Nocona” is a poker cruise featuring hundreds of classic cars and trucks as they parade through town for road-side spectators to enjoy.  The Nocona Gas Junkies’ Show on Saturday is where you will see most of these classics, customs and hot rods sitting still, on display for onlookers to get a closer peek at them.

There are also opportunities to add a classic car or two to your collection.  The Vicari Auction holds a two-day event at the same time brining classic car buyers and sellers together in one of America’s most fun small towns.

If you cannot make it to Nocona for the annual events, not to worry…    A local man known as Wildcat Pete Horton, along with his wife Barbara, have both put in a lot of effort to keep Nocona on the map.  They have worked with the city to restore many of the buildings in town including a building from 1922 that now serves as the Horton Classic Car Museum.

Over the years, Pete and Barbara have amassed a very impressive collection of 138 classic cars and trucks inside the 37,000 square foot facility.  They are on display 6 days per week (closed on Sundays) for visitors to stroll through the museum and enjoy their collection.

Among the collections are 32 Corvettes from of nearly every year of production from 1953 to 1978.  There are also a ton of Fords, Chevys, Packards, Oldsmobiles, Buicks and Pontiacs to gush over.  The museum itself is designed with 1950s nostalgia including a diner meant to replicate a simpler time.

If you are in Texas and want to experience some true small-town charm and get your fix of classic cars, then there is no better town to do that in than Nocona.  Here is a short video that gives an overview tour of the Horton Classic Car Museum.


For an in-depth tour, check out this 38-minute video of the entire museum shot in 4K resolution!

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