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Posted on September 13th, 2022

Fender Repair on a Classic Jeep

We shot a quick video about some fender repairs we’re doing to a classic Jeep. Fenders with all the curves can be tricky to work on. In this video, we show you how we do fender repairs on a classic Jeep, and introduce you to a special tool we use when doing this work. Watch…   Read More

Posted on January 28th, 2021

Broncos, Jeeps and Classic Scout Restorations at Wilson Auto Repair

We have a lot going on here this new year at Wilson Auto Repair.  We recently showed off many classic car restorations happening this January as well as an in-depth look at a 1959 Ford F100 Pickup restoration we are working on. Now we’d like to show off all the restorations and repairs we have…   Read More

Posted on March 29th, 2019

AmericanTrucks Shares Knowledge for Choosing & Installing Lift Kits

We recently wrote an article Truck & Jeep Lifts 101: How to Give Your Ride the Height It Deserves that gave advice on raising your truck or jeep with a lift kit. Just after publishing that lift kit article, we were approached by and they were offering some advice of their own.  AmericanTrucks is…   Read More

Posted on June 25th, 2018

Jeep Getting Rust Repair, Body Work and Paint at Wilson Auto

We have showcased other Jeep restorations that we’ve done here at Wilson Auto, and here is another to feast your eyes on. This Jeep came to us for some rust repair and other body work and a new paint job.  You can see in these first pictures just how meticulously the wiring was marked during…   Read More

Posted on May 11th, 2017

Classic Jeeps Through the Years. Here Are the Highlights of Each Era

There are seemingly endless reasons you might want to buy a classic Jeep. For starters they have quite a rich American history. By the end of WWII, the United States had produced a total of 647,343 jeeps—about 350,000 from Willys, 280,000 from Ford, and the early 2,675 from Bantam. Jeeps were monumental in winning the…   Read More