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See What is Happening This Month at Wilson Auto Repair

June 2016 is shaping up to be one of our biggest months yet!  We are working hard to get our customers out on the road in their classic cars and trucks for the summer. This month we are showcasing over 10 different restoration projects going on around our shop.

Have a look  and don’t hesitate to give us a call at (972) 271-3579 or contact us online if there are any restoration or repair questions we can answer for you!

In this first pic we are adapting a new 2 barrel carburetor to a 50’s Chevy truck to improve the performance of the carburetor.  We needed to machine an adapter plate to complete the job.

It is time for this 1947 Jeep to go home. A son had this jeep restored to surprise his dad who was the original owner of the Jeep.  We are sure he is going to be very happy!  We hope the two of them can enjoy some epic times together with their new prized possession!
633 636 644

This 1957 Chevy engine has been cleaned and painted and is now ready to install.

Up next is a 1960 T Bird Project we have been working on.  Right now we are cleaning the underside and applying an undercoat.
007 008 088

We are moving forward on another Thunderbird.  This one is a 1963 T-Bird and the engine compartment is ready for sealer.
029 041

Here is another engine we are working on.  This one is for a Bronco and is ready for paint then installation.

This Chevy Nova had rotten holes in the trunk area so we are making and installing patch panels.

It’s time to get this Mustang body ready for paint!
590 609

This Mustang engine is built and ready to install…

Here is another motor for a Mustang that has been cleaned and painted.

Here is the Mustang Fastback we are starting the restoration on.  We began by removing the engine and the transmission.
574 575 577

This Bitchin’ Camaro came in for some new wiring.

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