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Routine Maintenance Schedules for Classic Ford Mustangs

Owning a classic Ford Mustang has many rewards. You might have invested in one with hopes of financial gain or you might own one for the pure pleasure of cruising it down Main street each summer. Either way classic Mustangs can bring their owners a lot of joy. To keep them in prime condition does require work, however.

Because you typically don’t drive a classic Mustang on a regular basis means that your vehicle requires a special maintenance routine. Here are some important routine maintenance items that need to be done regularly to keep your Ford Mustang looking and running at its best.

Wash & Wax – This is something that needs to be done every month.  At a minimum, wash it every month and wax it every other month.  Don’t forget to wash and rinse the undercarriage. The undercarriage is the most susceptible area of your car to corrosion.

Flush Your Coolants – It is recommended that you flush out your cooling system and replace it with a fresh mixture twice per year.  Be sure to do this your Ford Mustang at least once per year.  Replacing the coolant often will help prevent corrosion from forming within the cooling system.

Lube It Up – 4 to 5 times per year, you should keep everything lubed up to extend the life of your moving parts on your Mustang.  Processed petroleum applied on a regular basis can really help. Other than the motor itself many mechanical parts on a Ford Mustang need a regular lubrication. Carburetor, transmission and clutch linkages, brake cables and rod joints, parking brake linkage and pivot points, generators, water pumps, steering boxes, ball joints and tie rods, some steering links, most suspension trunnions, leaf springs and U-joints all need to be lubed up regularly.

Maintain Fresh Oil – This maintenance item should be performed every time you plan on firing up your Mustang.  Not having enough oil in your engine can cause some serious damage. Make sure you change the oil often as well even if you only drive it once in a while.  It is way cheaper to buy an oil filter and several quarts of oil than it is to replace a motor. Fresh oil can really, really extend the life of your motor.

Get a Tune Up – On top of maintaining fresh oil, coolants and keeping everything lubed, the maintenance for your Ford Mustang includes keeping your engine well-tuned. A “tune-up” refers to items that can and do wear out.  We are talking about items like spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor. Air and gas filters are usually changed at this time as well.

Bleed the Brakes – Once per year we suggest you bleed the brakes. Brake fluid can often collect moisture which can cause it to under-perform or completely fail all together. Fresh brake fluid will help you to have full stopping power.

Check your tires – You should check the condition and tire pressure of your tires every time you plan on taking it out for a cruise.  They need to be properly inflated to perform their best and to minimize the chance of a blowout.  Be sure to inspect the tread to make sure it isn’t too worn and also look for any cracks or deterioration in the sidewalls.

Examine belts and hoses – We suggest you frequently inspect the hoses and belts in the engine bay. If a hose has separated or shows cracks or bulges, then have it replaced.  This includes checking the timing belt. If this belt shows signs of wear, including cracking, glazing, or pieces missing from the belt itself, then replace it.

Other items to maintain – Sometimes it is the small things we tend to overlook.  Things like windshield wipers and the rubber seals around the doors and windows.  While these things don’t need to be checked every month or so, it certainly is a good idea to replace wipers every year and keep a close eye on the seals for deterioration.

If you have the time, tools, and know-how, you can take care of these maintenance routines at home in your garage.  Time seems to be the one thing all of us do not have enough of and that is where we can help.  Wilson Auto Repair has been maintaining classic Ford Mustangs and other classic cars and trucks since 1980 and we can maintain your classic collector too.  Just give us a call at (972) 271-3579 and we can get your Ford Mustang or any other classic in our schedule for routine maintenance.

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