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Quarantine Car Cruising in Huntington Beach, CA is Rapidly Growing

With stay-at-home-orders slowly loosening and people doing their best to get back to their “normal” lives, there is a new approach growing for people to get together at a new style of car show.

Organizers are putting together what they have coined as a “Quarantine Car Cruise” in the Huntington Beach area.  Instead of parking classic cars at an event space or parking lot and having everyone walk around each of them to have a look, car owners are gathering together and staying inside their cars, for the most part, and then cruising them side by side and around Hunting Beach.

Classic car enthusiasts from all over Southern California and beyond have joined the party.  The latest event, Quarantine Cruise Five, saw more than 2,500 vehicles participating in the cruise.  There were even some celebrity sightings including comedian/actor Kevin Hart.  Not everyone remains in their cars and trucks however, some are out mingling with each other, some are wearing masks, others are not.  It boils down to individual choice.  You can choose to remain in your vehicle or keep your social distance if you prefer.  It seems to be the new way for events like this to take place.

As the summer continues to creep in and coronavirus restrictions begin to ease up, we might expect this type of “car show” to be the new standard.  The organizers of the Quarantine Cruises are already planning another event for next month and we cannot wait to see the turnout.

Until then, here are three great videos that cover the last three events.  First up is a video that shows the 500-car turnout and you get to hear from one of the organizers. The second video is coverage of the cruise that had about 1500 cars participate and the third video is the latest Quarantine Cruise Five that saw over 2,500.  We will be very curious to see the numbers for Quarantine Cruise Six.




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