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Protect Your Classic Car’s Paint with a Temporary Protective Wrap

This time of year, after all the snow has melted and the spring rainstorms are common, there is often a lot of small debris left on our roadways.  Gravel, pebbles, dirt and other rubble can be scattered across the very same roads we travel down with our classic cars and trucks.

It can be worrying to hear something ping off your front end of your car or the fenders.  That cement truck in front of you didn’t mean to kick up that rock, but these types of aerial assaults happen.  It can do a real number on the paint of your prized possession.

If the possibility of something like this happening keeps you from enjoying your classic car, then this is a great solution for you.  XPEL TracWrap is the answer.  It is a temporary urethane film that creates a significant barrier from rocks, road debris, bug guts, and other outside elements. And this stuff is tough…  it is 8 Mil thick (0.2032 millimeter) which is enough to brave the impact of most road debris.

While it was primarily designed to protect expensive exotic cars out on the track from rubber and other debris, it also works great at protecting classics out on the highways.   TracWrap is super easy to install and even easier to remove.  A little bit of patience and a squeegee is all you’ll need.  If you take your time, it can be hard to tell you even have an extra layer of protection on your paint.

When you are ready to remove the protectant, simply grab an edge and pull it off.  In most cases, it will come off in one piece and leaves no residue thanks to the low tack adhesive.  It couldn’t be any easier than that to protect your ride and this stuff is available in different sizes to accommodate any vehicle.

We learned about TracWrap by watching a DIY video from Hagerty.  Watch this video and you will see Larry Webster, VP of Content, demonstrate on his very own 1994 Mustang Cobra, how easy it is to install and remove this temporary paint protector.

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