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Part Two of a 1956 Chevy Restoration at Wilson Auto Repair

Welcome back!  In case you missed part one, you can see the first part of this 1956 Chevy restoration here.  We left off with the guys betting the bodywork done so the car can be primed and painted.

Here you can see how the dash was modified.  We welded the seams and deleted the glove box.

Then the dash was body worked and then painted.

For this project, the trunk was prepped and then we applied a bed liner that was tinted to match the exterior paint.

All the old dark blue paint was completely stripped. Then the entire car was primed with epoxy paint to seal the metal.  Body work ensued, and we began assembling the car and fitting all the parts, so we could make everything fit properly.

This area on the quarter panel was stretch so we shrank the metal.

That’s all for part two of this project.  We promise that part three will be available soon.  We won’t keep you waiting long, so be sure to check back to continue seeing the progress of this 156 Chevy restoration.

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