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Our Shop Truck, Frankie, Gets a New Grill

We have a shop mascot and his name is Frankie, the 1949 F1 Ford Truck.  He has been with us for some time now and over the years we have given him improvements to keep him maintained and looking his best.

Frankie recently got a new grill and it certainly makes him smile brighter.  You can see for yourself in these before and after images.

We specialize in restoring classic trucks and have quite a few pages of pictures of classic Ford trucks, Chevy trucks and Dodge trucks that we have worked on here at Wilson Auto.

Of all the truck makers, Ford has remained in the number one spot across America with the success of the Ford F-Series. We are proud to show off Frankie at the shop.  He is a reminder of a simpler time when America was getting back to work and a normal post-war life.  It has also been great to watch the F-Series evolve over the decades.  They are simply built Ford tough, built to last and that’s just what it has done.

Be sure to enjoy some old pics that shows our Frankie’s progress over the years by scrolling to the end of this article.  You will notice in the first picture that we first had to have a professional come out and remove a beehive from inside the truck before we could even big reviving him!

Frankie also has a cousin named Smiley that lives in Dallas.  Smiley is another 1949 F1 Ford that was fully restored and you can see all of the great images of Smiley in action by clicking here.  There is also an article we wrote that is filled with fun and interesting facts about the Ford F-Series Pickup.

But first, enjoy some more pics of “Frankie”, our 49 Ford…

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