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Muscle Car Mistakes, Mishaps, and Mayhem

It can be extremely exhilarating to own a classic muscle car or truck.  There is just something about putting the pedal to the metal and hearing American muscle roaring from under the hood and out the exhaust.

We just hope that most owners punch it while the car is in park.  Otherwise we sincerely hope whoever is behind the wheel knows how to handle their car.  And even then, mistakes, mishaps, and mayhem can happen.

It is never a fun time to wreck a classic muscle car.  Unfortunately, there are owners out there that try to take their prized possessions to its tipping point.  Sometimes it’s on a track and far too often it is on the streets where inexperienced drivers get themselves over their head with the amount of power under their right foot.

The scene of the crime is often found when leaving a large car show or event.  There are lots of cameras rolling from spectators hoping to see some exciting cars as they exit back on to the streets.  And there might be one of those drivers that will soon regret their decision to show off.

Not only do these “showboats” run the risk of damaging their vehicles, but they also stand a good chance of injuring themselves and others.  In our opinion, the risk is never worth the reward when it comes to driving.  Even on the track, you are putting yourself and your machine is harms way of you try to push the limits.

One search on YouTube and you will find endless videos of muscle car crashes.  Some of the crashes are minor burnouts that get squirrely and clip the curb.  Others are not so lucky.  We watched a fair amount of them and found this video from to be the best collection of crashes we could find.  Mostly because many of the wrecks take place on the drag strip where muscle belongs.  Enjoy the video and maybe remember possible outcomes the next time you feel like putting the gas to the floor.


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