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Jeep Getting Rust Repair, Body Work and Paint at Wilson Auto

We have showcased other Jeep restorations that we’ve done here at Wilson Auto, and here is another to feast your eyes on.

This Jeep came to us for some rust repair and other body work and a new paint job.  You can see in these first pictures just how meticulously the wiring was marked during disassembly.

After being disassembled, the guys got to work stripping the old paint of the Jeep.

There was some rust repair that we had to deal with.  We cleaned it up and the metal is as good as new.

It was prepped for primer and got sprayed.  Then it was ready for paint.

The paint looks excellent and this Jeep is almost ready for re-assembly.

The last picture is of our guys re-assembling the freshly painted Jeep.

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