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How A GPS Tracker Can Be Used to Prevent Classic Car Theft

Owning a classic car gives a sense of pride and satisfaction like no modern-day vehicle can give. One of the reasons is because the kind of design, power, and materials used in vintage cars is of premium quality and can be highly sought after by both collectors and criminals. The fusion of new generation safety technology incorporated with an old classic car gives an unbeatable safety experience for you as a car owner.

When it comes to GPS tracking and GPS tracking devices, there are 2 different types – wired and covert. A wired GPS tracker can be placed in the vehicle, anywhere hidden, and can run off the car’s battery. While a covert GPS tracker for vintage cars can be hidden easier as there are no wires to trace, and also uses its internal battery. A covert GPS tracker is the most commonly used GPS tracker for classic cars these days. It also makes it hard for the thieves or car robbers to find. With a battery life of around 4 months between charges, a wireless GPS tracker is the number one choice for vintage vehicles.

5 Tips on how to secure a vintage car

Classic cars and trucks are prized possessions that are unfortunately stolen from time to time. People spend a lot of time and money on its restorations and maintenance to make it look its best. It can be hard to take our eyes off a classic car as it cruises down the road, which is why these cars stand out among modern cars. But at the same time, the modern cars of today are designed with advanced safety features, making it hard for robbers to steal. That’s not the case with a classic car. Following are the tips to be taken care of while securing a vintage car:

  1. Replace old door locks:The first security tip that a classic car owner should do is to replace the worn-out door locks. A new lock will be effectively hard for the potential thieves to steal and prevents any unauthorized access to your vehicle.
  2. Park your car in a secure place:The proper storage of classic cars is essential for the general security of your car. Therefore, it is highly recommended to park your car in a private garage especially during the night. You can also buy a good quality padlock for additional security of your garage door.
  3. Protect the windows:Breaking a window is the quickest access for a thief to get into the car. With their specialized tools, professional thieves can easily shatter the window, without a single noise. As a classic car owner, you can replace the glass windows with high-quality security glass.
  4. Invest in car alarm system:Car alarms are an effective car-theft deterrent system that helps the owner know if any unauthorized person has tried to break into their vehicle. Modern cars have a built-in factory alarm system by default.
  5. Install a high-quality GPS tracker:If you are looking for securing your car with a device that also lets you recover after a theft, then buy a high-quality GPS car tracker. A GPS tracker will show the real-time location of your vehicle and will alert you in case someone is trying to tamper with your vehicle.

Things to consider while selecting a GPS car tracker

  • The overall cost of the GPS car tracker – Cost is typically a factor why many owners have not installed GPS trackers. When you are buying a GPS car tracker, make sure your car tracker has an upfront cost for each unit. Is there a monthly service charge? You need to know how the tracker works before purchasing. It is commonly free to use the GPS signal, however the tracker needs to send its information to monitoring software. And this is usually done using a cellular data service that requires a subscription. There is a chance that your GPS tracker will only communicate through a limited system like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and will not be able to track from a long distance or in real-time without cellular service subscription.
  • Car tracker software features – Most of the GPS trackers that are available send their information through the internet so they can be monitored. The monitoring software is the actual product that you are using. Once you have installed a GPS tracker, you never touch that again, unless when you replace or charge the battery. It is the software that you frequently need to interact with. Be sure to learn how you will need to access the GPS tracking data.  Is it only through a website?  Is there an app for it and if so, does it work with operating systems like Apple IOS, Android, or Windows? Make sure that the monitoring software works with your mobile phone.
  • GPS car tracker installation and features – As stated above, a GPS car tracker for classic cars comes in two types. Does the tracker need to be wired into the car? If a GPS tracker does need a wiring instillation, then you might need to pay additional costs. Wired GPS trackers have their advantages as do covert installations. If you are using a covert tracker, you need to make sure that the tracker has a backup battery.
  • Discounts from insurance companies – Insurance companies will often offer discounts to those who own a GPS tracker. If your car is stolen, a GPS tracking system is your best chance of recovering the car from theft.

Now that you know it is a good idea to have a GPS tracker for your classic car, the next step is choosing the right tracker for your classic collector. A trusted GPS tracker manufacturer with reliable software solutions is Matrack. Whether it is a car, or a trailer or a truck that you need to track, the Matrack intelligent tracking software solutions can track them all. With over 400k devices installed and 100k satisfied subscribers, Matrack has delivered quality GPS trackers with no contract and no hidden fees.

The very nature of classic cars makes it a ‘limited edition’ by default, making them even more rare, valuable, and precious for car collectors and thieves. And one of the only solutions to monitor your precious high-priced collector car or truck is to install a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker not only protects your classic car, but also helps in easy recovery in the event of a theft or robbery.

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