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High-Tech Features on Classic Cars That Were Ahead of Their Time

Most classic cars and trucks from the late 40s through the early 70s did not come with modern-day features like we have today.  Mandatory seatbelt laws in the United States didn’t even begin until the 1980s.  Today, there are so many high-tech features in automobiles that we take for granted.

There were however a handful of classic cars that were equipped with some pretty unique features that seemed ahead of their time.  Maybe high-tech is the wrong word, but many of these features did seem futuristic or at least one-of-a-kinds in the automobile industry at the time.

We found two videos that showcase many of these features.  Take for instance the automatic headlight dimmer found in a 1952 Cadillac (also called the Autronic Eye).  Or how about the pushbutton transmission controls that were found in 57-64 Chrysler dashboards and on the steering wheel of a 58 Edsel?

We are especially fond of the hidden headlights that could be found on classic Rivieras and Mercury Cougars, but one of our favorite features that are not found on modern cars were the hidden gas tank fillers that were hidden behind taillights, license plate and other concealed spots.  Maybe it became too hard for the old-time gas station attendants to find and remember all their secret locations.

There were many more unique features designed on vehicles through the years following WWII through the early 70s.  Here are two videos we found that will remind you of the greatness of these relicts of this lovely era.  They certainly deserve to be admired for their imaginativeness and charm. Enjoy!


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