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Great Grilles of the ‘50s: The Best and Most Dynamic Grilles of the Era

We were recently introduced to a new book coming out to the public and we wanted to share the exciting news with our readers.  It is called Great Grilles of the ‘50s and it will be rolling off the presses from MT Publishing in about a month. It’s a coffee table retrospective that provides the stories behind the designs of some of the most iconic front grilles from Detroit’s golden era of design, including the 1953 Olds Fiesta, 1952 Packard Caribbean, 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer and the ‘57 DeSoto Fireflite. It also has a chapter on Dagmar bumpers.

Here is the intro to the book that really got us interested in reading it in its entirety.

The 1950s was a “golden era” for Detroit, reflecting the endless optimism and futuristic view in America following World War II. Car designers and stylists were inspired by current day fighter jets, space age technology, and chrome. Their creations sported great chrome grilles, bullet-nosed bumpers, enormous tail fins, cockpit-styled dashboards, and frames as big as aircraft carriers. The allure and emotional appeal of these cars has been well document in countless books over the years. But without exception all of these titles look fabulous ‘50s vehicles as the sum of their parts. None focus specifically on what many consider to be the most distinguishing aspect of many of the cars from the fabulous ‘50s – their front grilles.

Great Grilles of the ‘50s provides a close-up view, both visually and in narrative form, of the best and most dynamic grilles of the era. This 11 x 8.5 inch coffee table size book features 104 all color pages on acid free paper with library quality binding. The standard edition, a hardbound book with full color cover and matching dust jacket, is only $39.95. A digital edition is also being offered in conjunction with the purchase of a hardbound edition. Do not miss this opportunity to add this title to your car book library.


About the Authors: Mark Misercola is a writer, author, and classic car collector who has a passion for American cars from the 1950s and ‘60s. Mark started his career as a journalist covering the automobile industry for the Buffalo Courier-Express. Today, his regular commentaries on collector cars can be found online in his blog (REO Speed Blog).

Hank Kaczmarek is a classic car collector and one of the nation’s leading technical experts on American cars built during Detroit’s golden era. Give him a year, a make and a model and he will tell you a story, as well as the specifications and part numbers.

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