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First Generation Broncos Converted into an EV with a New Platform from Zero Labs

There are times we stare in utter amazement when we see technology like this revealed. It makes us realize that there is so much to learn about EV conversions as the future continues to creep closer and closer.

Zero Labs is one of those companies that is bringing future technology to the classic car market of today. Their mantra for their new platform, “The Past We Love… The Future We Need” is poetic perfection when it comes to describing the future landscape of classic car restorations.

With a global ban on fossil fuels beginning in 2025, now id the time to start thinking about all our beloved classic cars and trucks that will eventually need to be converted to electric vehicles or face the facts that one day, gasoline may not be available to power vehicles.

While that day is way past 2025, it is companies like Zero Labs that are facing the change head on. After years of research and development, they recently unveiled their universal, modular EV platform. This is not an EV conversion kit, but rather an entire platform designed to transform your favorite classic of the past into a futuristic, all-electric “clean energy hero.”

Imagine being able to preserve your prized possession while making it faster, more powerful, and ready for the 2030 global emissions mandate. One of their platforms produces 600 horsepower! We all know that is a dramatic increase in power compared to any stock classic of the past. Zero labs claims that classics powered by their platform will have a 235-mile range between charges as well.

The platform itself is completely self-contained. The batteries are integrated into the platform and a fully independent double-wishbone suspension system at wheel. The suspension uses airbag shock-absorbers that can be tuned for rigidity or ride comfort. Many enthusiasts are going to love the fact that the airbags can lower the vehicle to the ground giving the vehicle a great stance! Electric motors front and/or rear provide forward motion while infamous Brembo brakes to help curb all that power.

They have not disclosed all the makes and models this platform will integrate with, but if you watch the video below, you will see they do reveal the first-generation Broncos, Defender 110, International Scout, Toyota FJ’s, Land-Rover Series II + III, Ford F-100 and F-150 and more. We definitely saw the outline of a Mustang, Porsche 911, Camaro, and a Chevy Bel Air which means

Check out this mind-blowing video by Zero Labs and check out the rest of their videos on the Zero Labs YouTube channel and you will see how they are preserving the “past we love” while giving us the “future we need!”

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