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COVID – 19 Social Distancing Plan for Classic Car Enthusiasts

With the recent mandates concerning social distancing, store closures and cancellation of most public events, we thought we’d offer you these social distancing ideas for classic car enthusiasts.

Idea: Take Your Car for a Joyride

Why this works: Who doesn’t like a long leisurely ride down a winding road on a nice spring day? You get outside, rolldown the windows to get fresh air and you are away from crowds. Just the kind of entertainment the doctor order during this coronavirus crisis.

Recommended dosage: 90 minutes sessions, twice a week.

Idea: Wash Your Car

Why this works: You can do it by yourself. You are outside in fresh air. You are getting movement and motion by washing the car, which qualifies as exercise. You are with your pride and joy, making her sparkle.

Recommended dosage: twice a month, or as needed.

Idea: Change Your Oil

Why this works: Like most enthusiasts in America, your classic car or truck is probably just coming our of winter storage.  This is the perfect time to change the oil and get it ready for cruising.   It is something you can do by yourself and outside.

Recommended dosage:  At least once every 3-6 months or once every 1,000 miles

Idea: Clean Interior and Shampoo the Carpets

Why this works:  You are already likely cleaning your car’s exterior, why not take it one step further and clean out your interior too.  If you have the proper equipment, you might want to shampoo the carpets as well.

Recommended dosage: As needed.

Idea: Search for Parts

Why this works:  You are already stuck at home and probably surfing the internet anyway.  Why not take a look for those hard to find parts.  Even if you don’t need them now, you might soon enough.  Research which parts are hardest to find for you vehicle and get to searching.  Just don’t hoard them all like toilet paper.

Recommended dosage: Until you find what you are looking for.

Idea: Learn Something About Your Car or Truck

Why this works:  If you are already on the Internet, you might just want to cruise the internet of YouTube videos for topics that tell or show you how to do something like fixing a timing belt.  You could also use the time to learn more about your make and model or try to investigate the history of your vehicle itself.

Recommended dosage: As needed.

Idea: Clean Your Tools and Garage

Why this work:  If you have been spending time in isolation working on your classic car, then you probably have some tools and workspaces that could use some cleaning and organizing.  Waiting for the coronavirus to pass is the perfect time to get this task over and done with.

Recommended dosage: As often as needed.

Idea: Catch Up on Classic Car TV Shows

Why this works:  You are likely a fan of at least one or two classic car shows, but have you seen them all?  Bing watching TV is a great way to pass the time during a shelter in place directive.  Lots of cable and satellite TV providers offer on-demand viewing.  Looking for a new show?  IMDB has a full list of just about every car show ever made.   Netflix also has quite the lineup of classic car show series.

I all seriousness, we certainly hope that you and your family and friends are all staying safe and are supporting each other in this unprecedented time in modern day history.  Support one another and we will get through this together.

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