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Classic Car Repairs and Restorations at Wilson Auto Repair in May 2021

You may have already seen the first-generation Ford Bronco we are restoring here at Wilson Auto Repair.  Well, we have a lot more projects going on around the shop.  Let’s take a look around and show you the other classic car and truck repairs and restorations happening this May at Wilson Auto Repair.

Here is a 1964 Chevy pickup truck that we are restoring.

And here is yet another first generation Ford Bronco that we are restoring and dropping a new motor into.

We redid the entire engine bay before putting in the motor.

And yes, here is another Ford Bronco we are just starting.

With the body stripped down, we are ready to start stripping the paint

Back to the Ford Bronco that is almost complete, here are some samples of the way we plan to burn and stain the wood for the bed.

And a few more pictures of the custom dash we built for this Bronco.

We have a Jeep CJ5 that we are adding electric power steering along with new lines.

Here are some quick pics of a couple corvettes that are getting some minor repair work.

We posted pics a while ago of a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 getting prepped for paint.  Here it is fresh out of the booth.

Speaking of Mustangs, check out this custom hold scoop.  The customer wanted a scoop on his hood, so we made one for him.

We will leave you with some miscellaneous images of other Ford Broncos that have been through the shop lately.

That’s it for this month but be sure to visit our blog regularly.  We regularly post pictures of the classic car and truck repairs and restorations we do here at Wilson Auto Repair.

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