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Classic Car Driving Simulator, the eClassic, Designed by Top Coachbuilders

There are not many experiences as exhilarating as getting behind the wheel of your favorite classic car and taking it out for a day on the track.  We aren’t talking about cruising a classic Cadillac Coupe de Ville either.  While it might be a fun time to take it for a spin down main street, the exhilarating classics we are referring to are more along the lines of the AC Cobra 427, Ford GT40, Ferrari 250 GTO, or a Jaguar D-Type.

For most of us, we need to come to grips with the reality that we will not ever have the chance to get behind the wheel of any of these classic car super stars.  Even if we did, would we be able to safely drive these rare and ultra-pricey classic cars around a track without wrecking?  It is certainly a risk many would not be willing to take.

It won’t be long however before these thrills will be closer within reach, well a simulation of the real thing anyway.  The Classic Car Trust (TCCT), a platform made by collectors for collectors dedicated to fostering the heritage, enjoyment, and preservation of classic cars in a fast-moving world, has unveiled a new dimension to the classic car driving experience.  It is called eClassic and it allows users to drive and race with classic cars in a digital atmosphere.

TCCT has worked with RACING UNLEASHED to convert state-of-the-art high-end simulator technology, used by race drivers for training purposes, into a unique classic car driver experience.  The Classic Car Trust has also hired the help of Italian car coachbuilders Pininfarina and Zagato to help design the simulator.  The designs include a traditional wooden steering wheel, leather bucket seats, and a manual gear shifter to give the classic simulator a realistic vintage look and feel.

Three large monitors wrap around the front of the simulator cabin to immerse the driver in the experience. There is also a hydraulics system underneath the cockpit that replicates the movements of a classic car as if it were truly on the track.

The software that powers the simulation is none other than Assetto Corsa, a sim racing video game developed by the Italian video game developer Kunos Simulazioni. This software version is fully customized for a classic car driving experience rather than modern-day race vehicles.

TCCT also created an eClassic Racing Club app that connects the members of the exclusive eClassic Racing Club in a digital community with races, championships, training sessions, and coaching programs.

“We love these jewels from the past. The fascinating body designs, the bespoke interiors, the technology, the smell of leather and gasoline. Driving them is a real pleasure, and the sound of their engines is like music. But all too often we can’t enjoy these automotive icons to the full because they are kept idle in their garages,” says the company. “TCCT is proud to be launching eClassic, which allows you to drive and race with classic cars whenever and wherever – safely and at no cost to the environment, in a genuinely exciting experience. With eClassic TCCT is adding a new dimension to the classic car experience.”

You can expect the eClassic to be available some time in 2021.  No word yet on the cost of one of these, but we are fairly sure it will cost a pretty penny.  When compared to the cost of owning, insuring, and maintaining a classic car that is race ready, like the Ford GT40, the cost of the simulator would be just a drop in the bucket.  Check out the video trailer for the new eClassic simulator by TCCT.


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