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Barrett Jackson 2018 Was Another Record Setting Event

Westworld in Scottsdale, Arizona played host yet again for the 47th annual Barrett Jackson auction.  It was a star-studded event where over 1,700 vehicles were auctioned off for almost $107 million.  With the help of celebrities like Jay Leno, and the 43rd president George W. Bush, an additional $6.21 million was raised for charity taking the lifelong total for Barrett Jackson donations over $100 million!

We were fortunate enough to attend this year and are excited to share some our favorite cars we saw with you.  From antiques, to classics to muscle cars and modern-day supercars, the eye candy at this event was mind-blowing!

When you first enter the event, you are greeted by an enormous display of new Ford vehicles.  While Ford flexed all their new muscle it was the new Ford GT that caught our eye.

The Ford GT had a very strong presence this year.  Six Ford GTs crossed the auction block.  The one GT that everyone had their eye on was the ultra-rare 2017 Ford GT that was donated by Ron Pratte, a long-time friend of the Barrett Jackson organization.  This donated GT brought in $2.5 million to benefit the Autism Society of North Carolina’s IGNITE program.

As you venture further into the show you come across some spectacular builds on display. We certainly appreciated the paint skills being showcased on this 1954 Divco Milk Truck.

Another one of our favorite builds was this 1976 Ford Bronco built by Velocity Restorations.  The attention to detail is incredible!

Chevrolet also had a trick up their sleeve and brought the coolest Hot Wheel we’ve ever seen!  Young kids and grown men alike were drooling over this modified Camaro.

A one-off Talbot-Lago T-26 Grand Sport joined the 2018 Salon Collection.

Lot #1383 turned a lot of heads!  It is a one-of-a-kind Chrysler concept car.  It is a 1954 Plymouth Belmont.  It’s a shame this beauty never made it into production.

Speaking of head turners, this 1955 custom Thunderbird was a sight to behold.  This car was the recipient of the 2012 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award, 2012 Goodguys Custom Rod of the Year winner, 2012 Legend Cup winner, 2012 SEMA Mothers Polish Excellence in Design winner, and many Goodguys Builder’s Choice awards.

Selling for a whopping $1.1 million was this super cool 1965 Corvette cutaway.  It was built as a display stand for use by GM and Chevrolet on the auto show circuit. To demonstrate all the hidden mechanical components of the car, the body was mounted on elevating rams that raise the body almost two feet off the chassis, leaving its internal running gear exposed. Other careful cuts were made into all the major components to further show its build quality and how everything works.

With over 1,700 vehicles on display it was tough to only choose a few favorites.  The last of our pics was this unbelievable 1969 custom Tripnozzi Corvette convertible.  It crossed the auction block pulling in $220,000.

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