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An Amazing “Barn Find” in Lubbock, Texas, But Nothing is For Sale

Hagerty, the leader in classic car insurance, has a YouTube series called Barn Find Hunter.  The video series is hosted by a man named Tom Cotter.  Tom travels the country searching for forgotten classic cars and trucks in barns, backyards and scrapyards.

In the latest episode of Barn Find Hunter, Tom is in Texas looking to uncover his next great discovery.  Travelling from Midland, Texas where he found his now restored ’60s Ford wagon, Tom was on his way to Kansas when he gets sidetracked in Lubbock, Texas.

Tom’s first stop is a fenced in field where he finds a guy named Mike that is selling his girlfriend’s collection of classics that are a little worse for wear.  Each classic is only $500, but when you see them, you’ll probably agree that $500 a piece is a fair price.

While Mike had some decent deals, that isn’t the big find Tom comes across in Lubbock.  As he continues his drive, Tom comes across a collector named Rick who has quite the assortment of classic cars and trucks on his property.  The only catch?  None of these cars are going anywhere.  Rick isn’t selling.

As matter of fact, Tom has to promise that he won’t try and haggle with Rick about any of the vehicles on the property if he wants access to see them up close.  Tom agrees and the Barn Find Hunter cameras are allowed in to see quite the collection.

There are range of vehicles including an Oldsmobile Supreme, a gold Trans Am, a 56 Ford Cabover, a Chevrolet Chevelle, and a Camaro Z/28.  That isn’t the star of the show however, what Rick shows Tom next is a “barn find” Tom has been searching for years for.  It’s a Pontiac GTO Judge and it looks to be all original!

The car has the original Carousel Red paint job with a white interior.  It’s a 400 factory 4-speed with original decals still intact.  The wildest part of this find is the odometer reads 00002.4 miles.  We aren’t convinced those are the actual miles, but it certainly gets the excitement gears going thinking they might be.

If this car was in “good condition” it would probably be worth around $56,000 according to the Hagerty’s appraisal tool.  $56K is the average price for an average condition.  Too bad Rick isn’t willing to part ways with it.

Rick continues to give Tom the full tour of his properties and you can catch the entire episode in the video below.  One thing is for sure, not all barn finds are found in barns!

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