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AmericanTrucks Shares Knowledge for Choosing & Installing Lift Kits

We recently wrote an article Truck & Jeep Lifts 101: How to Give Your Ride the Height It Deserves that gave advice on raising your truck or jeep with a lift kit.

Just after publishing that lift kit article, we were approached by and they were offering some advice of their own.  AmericanTrucks is comprised of passionate enthusiasts who strive to provide you with the best American-made pickup truck aftermarket parts.  They are certainly a leader in truck aftermarket parts and certainly an authority on truck lifts.

They told us they get a lot of questions from their customers on lift kits and wheel and tire fitment… will these wheels and tires fit this truck with this type of a lift, and so forth and so on.  To showcase their knowledge in the matter, Justin Dugan from AmericanTrucks produced a video to highlight the fact that you can comfortably fit 33” tires on a ’09-14 F-150 with only a 2” lift kit!

What sort of wizardry makes it work, you may ask?  Well wonder no longer and enjoy this video where they give great advice on lift kits show us their lift kit magic.

Watch it here:

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