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Add Night Vision to your Classic Car or Truck

There probably aren’t too many occasions that you are cruising your collectable classic car on dark roads at night, but you certainly might get caught in fog or a heavy rainstorm and have your vision become limited.  Maybe you live in a rural area and a dark ride home is more common for you.

Regardless, it sure is nice to be able to see better when faced with a low-vision scenario.  That’s where a night vision camera can come in handy.  If you are interested in adding one to your classic car or truck, we suggest the Dual 1080P Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system integrated with a dash camera.  This thing will let you see in complete darkness, in heavy rain or fog or even on a snowy night.

It is super easy to install and will not require any modification to your classic car or truck’s dashboard.  You can use the suction cup mount to easily add it onto your windshield.  If you prefer, you can also attach it to your dashboard by using the non-slip mounting pad.  You can power the camera using the vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet or by using the OBD port if your vehicle happens to have one.

The video is real-time and does not have any lag in the relay time.  The video is instantaneous and comes through the 8inch screen at 1080p resolution, so you know it will be ultra-clear. The camera uses infrared light magnification to give you the ability to see nearly 1,000 feet down the road.  With a 45⁰ wide-angle field of vision, the Lanmodo reaches over twice as far as the standard high beam.

The ability to see through heavy rain and fog is what really piqued our interest.  Again, it is unlikely you will take your prized possession out in conditions with low visibility, but this camera system could be a real blessing should you get caught out in a low visibility situation.

It also doubles as a dashcam that will record your drive.  Should you have a collision or accident, the camera automatically protects the video footage from being erased.  Having footage of an accident really helps with your insurance claims.

Check out this video of the camera system in action and maybe you too will be convinced that this night-vision camera would be a nice addition to the safety features for your classic car or truck.

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