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9 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Classic Car Enthusiasts

Father’s Day 2022 is only a couple weeks away and you may still be looking for the perfect gift for Dad. If you are searching for a present for a classic car enthusiast, or just a car lover in general, we have some great ideas that are sure to please.

Amazon Echo Auto – Many modern-day cars are already equipped with virtual assistants, but I guarantee that classic car sitting in the garage was not originally equipped with one.  Back in the day, we had to divert our attention from the road to do things like change the radio station.  Well these distractions can be a thing of the past with the Amazon Echo Auto.  You can use this Echo much like the home version of Alexa to make calls, check the weather and road conditions, find the cheapest gas prices or play your favorite tunes.  You can now do all these things hands free while keeping your focus on the driving.  Only catch is that you need a Bluetooth stereo or an older car stereo that has an auxiliary input for it to work with your classic car’s stereo.

Enoch Car Air Purifier – Vintage cars can sometimes produce vintage odors.  There is a cure for this, and it plugs right into a classic car’s cigarette lighter.  Introducing Enoch Car Air Purifier 2-In-1 Freshener, Ionizer, With Dual USB Charging Ports. It releases negative ions in the car to eliminate odor and thus increases the air quality.  Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, on the ocean surf, at the beach, and after a storm. The most important benefit of negative ions is that they clear the air of airborne pollutants.  As a bonus, the purifier is also equipped with two USB charging ports for your phone or other device.

PURGGO Car Air Freshener – If you are looking for an air freshening solution without using the vehicles electrical outlet, check out Mother Nature’s odor eliminator. PURGGO only contains 100% bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal has been used for thousands of years in Asia to purify the air, and PURGGO harvested this power. It absorbs and eliminates the odor in the car, rather than masking it like common car air fresheners. It’s healthy, safe, and renewable.  I have one in my everyday truck and it has worked wonders!

Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile – Here is a book that any car lover is sure to enjoy!  From the first motor cars and classic cars to today’s supercars and Formula 1, this is the ultimate book about the history of the car.  It is packed with stunning photography and featuring more than 2,000 cars.  This hardcover book shows you how vehicles have evolved around the world over the last 130 years, and their impact on society as objects of curiosity, symbols of status and luxury, and items of necessity.

Personalized Garage Décor – Help your favorite car aficionado put a personalized stamp on their garage with a huge selection of wall art, clocks, signage and floor mats from  Let the world know they are standing in Michael’s Garage (or any personalized name) and add some style to their garage space at the same time.

Subscription to Hemming Magazines – For the gearhead in your life, get them a monthly subscription to one or all three magazines put out by Hemmings.  Hemmings Motor News, Hemmings Classic Cars and Hemmings Muscle Machines all make a perfect gift.  There is even a free trial to Hemmings Motor News and we are certain you will continue the subscription after the first issue.  Considered “The bible” of the collector car hobby since 1954, Hemmings Motor News is the world’s largest antique classic, vintage, muscle, street rod, and special interest auto marketplace.

Missing 10MM Socket T-Shirt – If you have ever worked on a classic car, then you KNOW how elusive the 10mm socket can be.  The 10mm socket is one of the most widely used socket sizes and one of the most misplaced sockets that will ever be.  They come up missing so often that there are now literally t-shirts making fun of this phenomenon.  Want to match this t-shirt with a perfect second gift?  Then be sure to get the Car Guy Tools 10mm Socket Ten Pack to compliment the shirt and ensure your home mechanic will never be without a 10mm socket ever again… hopefully.

Portable Car Jump Starter – Car batteries and charging alternators are notorious culprits when it comes to a classic car not starting.  This portable jump starter will certainly be a life saver when your battery doesn’t have the juice to get you going.  This is a highly rated jump starter that has intelligent cable design with multiple kinds of protections to ensure operation safety for users: over current protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, etc.  Plus, it can charge your phone, laptop and other electronic devices.  And you will never be lost as this smart charger has a built-in compass as well.

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit – The Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit has encouraged automotive enthusiasts around the world to clean, condition, and protect their prized possessions. This is one of the most complete kits on the market today, featuring Meguiar’s premium-quality products in one convenient, affordable package. It includes one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner – G7116, one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Carnauba Plus Liquid Wax – G7016, one 16-ounce bottle of Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Gel – G7516, one container of Quik Detailer – A3316, one 16-ounce bottle of Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner – G13616, two 50-gram clay bars with a clamshell container – R30-60-008, R30-60-120, one container of PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish – G12310, one container of ScratchX – G10307, one microfiber towel – M9910, one foam applicator pad – R30-60-241, and one Microfiber Wash Mitt – X3002.

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