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7 Classic Cars for All the Car-Obsessed People Out There

Austin Healey 3000 Mk III (1964)

Everyone loves turning heads when it comes to owning an indispensable luxury car. You got it right, cars are one easy way of flaunting one’s excessive wealth, but who said doing just that is enough?

What defines cool is not only owning the most expensive car but instead getting the hottest car of all time. And when it comes to ever-green trends, vintage classics never disappoint. Even if you are thinking to upgrade your car with the latest gadgets, check out these necessary gadgets you need for your car. Make people fall in love with your car!

Top seven head-turning vintage classics that are still very much in demand are:

1. Jaguar E-Type:

As Enzo Ferrari describes it, ‘most beautiful car ever made’, Jaguar E-Type was launched as a car that was way ahead of its time, both in terms of technology and style. It not only came with a sexy style, but also offered disc brakes, pinion steering, independent suspension, and direct rack. So, it won’t come as a surprise if I tell you that this car has won all kinds of awards, specifying it as the most significant and impressive classic sports car of the 1960s.

2. BMW 507:

This stunning piece won the hearts of people when it was launched, and continue to do so. A big commercial success, BMW 507 came with an alloy 3.2-liter V8 having 150bhp, as well as a four-speed close ratio gearbox. However, due to BMW being nearly bankrupted at the time it launched this heartthrob, only around 250 were manufactured, making them increasingly rare and treasured today.

3. Austin-Healey 3000:

A classic sports car in a league of its own, Austin-Healey 3000, also known as Big Healey, quickly made its mark as a rally car when it came out. Big Healey’s reputation as a ‘hairy-chested’ sports car owes to its heavy engine sounds, firm steering, and over-the-mark ride. A muscular food-looking car like this can never become out-dated, and so it remains extremely popular in the classic market even today.

4. Porsche 911:

Highly appealing and awe-inspiring, the majestic Porsche 911 was conceived as a luxurious, plush, and forward-looking step up from the company’s first sports car. Boasting a flat six-cylinder air-cooled engine at the back made its mark in the line of classic sports cars. Although the company kept on evolving the 911 series, the original 911 lasted all the way up to 1989 when it was replaced by the Type 964.

5. Ferrari 250 GT:

Hold your breaths guys! This one is the most highly sought-after among car enthusiasts. Befittingly attributed as the winner of three GT world championship series in 1962, ’63 and ’64, the Ferrari 250 GT is one of the supreme classic idols of the 1950s and ’60s. All in all, this darling is still one of the well-received classics in the market.

6. 1969 Corvette Sting Ray:

An icon of a car, Corvette Sting Ray is among the most amazingly-designed classic cars which force people to still look for it so they can buy this head-turner and keep it. Having the looks and the performance combined in one, its popularity has reached the point of it being a part of various Hollywood movies.

7. 1967 Ford Mustang:

Reputed as the best muscle car of its time, 1967 Ford Mustang is definitely a part of the top classic cars list. Elegant in design and looks, this car does not let its drivers down. Other than being an amazing combination of power and style, Ford Mustang’s Big Block engine made it the darling of its era that still has a phenomenal response.


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