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6 Classic Car Maintenance Articles to Help Get You Through the Summer

car-repair-362150_640Summer is in full effect and we hope you are enjoying your classic car or truck this season. Take advantage of the warm weather and all of the events and car shows that are happening. Before you know it old man winter will be making his way back and our classics will have to be put back in storage.

Until then, we have some great maintenance articles to help you keep your classic collector looking and running its best through the summer season.

How to Know When to Replace the Tires on Your Classic Car
It goes without saying that without good tires you and your classic car or truck aren’t going to make it very far. This is especially true for those extra hot day where tires are really put to the test out on the asphalt. This article will help you decide when you should start shopping for a new set of rubber.

Top Ten Classic Car Care Tips
The secret to keeping your classic running and looking great is as simple as following a regularly scheduled maintenance routine and using the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil and fluids. Here are our top ten maintenance tips that every classic car owner should make into a regular routine.

Ten Tips For a Safer, More Efficient and More Reliable Classic Car
Classic cars and trucks can sometimes be temperamental. It take TLC to keep them running smoothly. Here are ten tips that will help keep your prized possession running more efficiently and will keep you safer out on the road.

Three Basic Tips to Keep Your Classic Car Looking in Tip Top Shape
Getting out and showing off your prized possession is half the fun of owning a cherry classic collector. And nothing really beats seeing your car’s reflection off the buildings as you drive past the windows down main street. With that in mind, we have 3 tips that you can follow to keep your classic collector looking its best.

How To Get the Perfect Shine on Your Classic Car or Truck
The three tips above are just the beginning to getting your vehicle looking good. If you really want that “showroom condition” look then take your car detailing, washing and waxing to the next level. This article dives into what it really takes to get that perfect shine.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Classic Car or Truck
The first two maintenance articles above cover most of the To-Do lists of classic car maintenance routine. This article focuses more on overall car care and techniques you should consider to extend the life of your vehicle for years to come.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer! If you have any questions about maintaining your street machine or need assistance with any maintenance or restoration projects for your classic car or truck, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (972) 271-3579. You can also send us your questions via email using the form on our Contact page.

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