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5 Classic Car Bargains That Won’t Be Bargains For Long

mustang1There are many of us that could just kick ourselves for ever getting rid of our first few vehicles. Back in the late 60s & early 70s it wasn’t that big of a deal to have a car that was less than a decade old. We really had no idea the future value of the everyday cars we had as daily drivers. The person that cruised the streets in their ’69 Camaro, ’66 GTO, ’67 Mustang or a ’70 Chevelle back in the day stood to make a fortune off of their ride today if they just would have held onto it and kept it in decent condition.

Today the demand and value of these street machines has skyrocketed! Collectors can easily expect to pay upwards of $100,000 and beyond for one in pristine condition. If you were lucky ( or smart) enough to hold onto yours we would like to congratulate you! Chances are you are probably not ready to part with it quite yet since you have already held onto it for over 40 years. When you are ready however you stand to make a small fortune for your investment in time.

Some collectors know how to stay ahead of the curve by purchasing certain vehicles today that they predict will become the sought after vehicles of tomorrow. It can be a risky venture for there is really no way to know how the market will pan out for some of these classic sleepers. Nonetheless over the years we have noticed a few American classic cars that have gone under the radar with collectors, but we feel in the future will be all the rage and inevitably become pricey possessions. Here is a list of 5 classic cars that can be bought for a bargain that are likely to increase in value of the coming years.

1964 to 1966 Ford Falcon Sprint


These cars have been known to go for under $10,000 at recent auctions. The Falcon has the same floor pan as the first generation Mustang as well as a manual shifting 260 V-8, a stiff suspension and a rumbling exhaust were also features it shared with its pony cousin. Unfortunately for the Falcon it was always living in the shadow of the Mustang and was eventually phased out due to the popularity of it’s slightly more expensive cousin. The Falcon will not live in the shadows forever and we suspect that it’s value will skyrocket in the years to come. Today you can easily pick one up for around $10,000 – $20,000 depending on the condition and model. Like most convertibles, be prepared to pay at the higher end of this price range if you want to put the top down.

1963 to 1966 Dodge Darts


Who doesn’t like the look of the Dodge Dart? These Mopar classics have stood the test of time against inflation and it honestly boggles our minds. In comparison to the rising costs of it’s immediate competitors it has stayed relatively cheap. We all agree that these great prices are not going to last. Today you can expect to find them from $5,000 to $15,000 in decent to good condition. The push button automatic might bring in a little bit more, but under $20,000 is still a bargain in our minds. Trust us that this one is a good investment if found in good condition.

1947 to 1958 Studebaker Champions


The 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Studebaker Champions have remained stagnant in the world of classic car collectors. They aren’t necessarily known to be a massive muscle car but rather a lightweight and economical classic. (well economical for its day). The front end design takes some of its inspiration from airplane design giving them a very unique look in the world of collectables. At a recent auction a 1949 Champion four door went for a mere $3,800. As rare as they are we found that price hard to beat! You aren’t likely to see too many at car shows, but if you do you should expect to pay between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on the year and model.

1961 to 1963 Thunderbirds


We aren’t talking about the coveted Sports Roadster models that have the wire wheels and the metal tonneau that covers that back seats, we are talking about the more plain 3rd generation that comes in a coupe or convertible form. It is surprising to us as we think these cars are very attractive and a blast to drive! In their day they looked like something straight out of the Jetsons cartoon and still hold that futuristic look in comparison to other cars of its day. Be prepared to spend around $5,000 to $20,000 for the plainer model in good to fair condition. Hold on to them if you get one for they are sure to be future goldmines. You will be able to enjoy them on the road until that day arrives. Again they are a blast to drive! Buyer beware though as there are plenty of fakes out there for sale.

1962 to 1966 Chevy II Nova


This is about as solid a car that you could have bought back in the day. They were extremely popular when first produced, but somehow have fallen behind in demand on today’s classic car market. The SS models came with bucket seats and some fancier trim which makes them a little more sought after, but this is simply a package that Chevy offered that can be added to any Nova today. All of them had the infamous straight six Chevy motor. They were offered in a four door sedan, a wagon, the two door sedan and of course the coveted convertible. The wagons are becoming rare and are already appreciating in value. In our opinion all models will become popular once again in the very near future. You can expect to find them from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the model and condition of the car.

These five vehicles are by no means the only bargain investments left in the classic car world. Some of the older Lincolns, Rivieras and Toronados are still available for reasonable prices if you do your homework to find them. Others are also sure to rise. Do you have a make or model in mind that you think is going to be the next big classic car investment? Let us know in the comments below for our readers to see and we just might start looking for one ourselves.

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