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UPDATED: Forums for Classic Car, Hot Rod and Antique Car Enthusiasts


Last Updated 6/14/2022

The Internet is full of information about classic cars and trucks. So much so that it can sometimes be difficult to find what you are truly looking for. Classic car forums can be some of those harder to find resources. For those that haven’t heard, a forum is a place where like minded individuals can gather online and discuss their favorite topics amongst themselves. They are a great place to ask for advice from other enthusiasts, tell a story to other forum members and find online friends with the same interests.

Here are some of the more popular automotive forums out on the Internet. They range in topics from classic cars to antique cars and everything in between.

Antique Automobile Club of America
With over 48,000 members, this forum is one of the go-to forums that enthusiasts just like you turn to to discuss classic cars, share photos and ask questions about anything and everything related to classic cars and trucks.
1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevrolets are the topic of discussion on this forum. It currently has over 38,000 members and over 1,000,000 posts all about the Tri-Five Chevys. While it is a specialized forum we wanted to list it first since we have such a close bond to these cars.
Beginning in 1999 this forum has been providing definitive answers on all things Hot Rod. From the basic “how to” to elaborate builds. They are currently 153,000 members strong.
Classic Motorsports Magazine has gathered a global audience and is well known throughout the Internet as having very popular classifieds for selling classic cars and parts.
This forum is so large it is now divided into separate sub-forums. There are thousands and thousands of members discussing everything to do with hot rods, customs, low riders, rat rods, and more. They have done a great job organizing their site!
This forum is all about those low budget, rusty Rat Rods. Those patina pieces of work that are put together in some neighborhood garage usually out of spare parts. That is just how the Rat Rodders like them and if you are looking for advice, parts or just want to become part of the community, there are almost 30,000 members on this forum waiting for you to join.
This site is a mix of blog and forum. There are great articles from its members along with the site’s own authors. There is also a great classifieds section along with vendor news and event postings going on across the country.
Since 2000 more than 750,000 people have signed up for this forum that discusses everything from Acura to Yugo. It is simply one of the largest auto enthusiast communities in the world.
Over 70,000 members and almost 1.5 million posts have made this forum the go-to website for questions and advice on antique and vintage automobiles. It is the official forum of the Antique Automobile Club of America.
If you are interested in discussing the GM LS engine for your classic car application then this is the forum for you. With over 200,000 members you are sure to find someone that can answer your questions.
This forum is based around classic as well as new model pro-touring cars. It has been active since 2003 and has since then become 23,000 members strong.
This is another forum focusing on pro-touring cars and was started in 2000. There are 46,000 members with over 5,000 of them being regularly active. Chances are if you belong to Letral-G, then you probably are a member of this forum too. Maybe they will join forces someday?
The Jalopy Journal & H.A.M.B (Honkey Ass Message Board) have become some of the leading websites speaking the voice of the working man, a tool in the toolbox of the guy that does it himself. Articles, member posts, galleries, classifieds, you name it… If it has to do with hot rods, this forum has it covered.
Piston Heads covers everything to do with the motoring world both old and new. They offer topics on maintenance tips to racing advice. This forum covers topics from every corner of the planet.
Most are familiar with Edmunds, but what you might not have know is that they have a forum dedicated to classic cars and trucks. It is a pretty good resource to turn to if you are looking for expert advice.
This might be the smallest forum on our list with only 3,800 members, but can be a very valuable resource if you are looking for parts or advice pertaining to classic cars from Europe. The forum may be small, but it is very active.
If dropping the suspension on your classic car is your thing then this is the online community for you. It is a very popular arena for lowrider enthusiasts to congregate online and discuss all things that cruise low and slow.

Specialized Forums

The remaining forums on our list are specialty forums that focus on specific vehicles and/or car clubs. You can easily tell what each of them is all about just by their name. We hope we helped you find the online classic car community that is just your speed. If you think we missed listing a good forum, please let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to add it to the list.

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