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36 “Lost Corvettes” to Be Given Away in Sweepstakes with Tickets for $3

Way back in 1989 there was a TV network called VH1.  It was a music television network much like MTV was back then.  VH1 had a contest that year to give one lucky winner a Corvette from every year between 1953 and 1989!

Over 2 million entries were received and a Long Island man by the name of Dennis Amodeo won them all.  Can you even imagine winning 36 Corvettes?  Just storing them would take a small fortune and a lot of space, both of which Dennis apparently did not have.

Soon after winning the entire lot. Dennis sold the corvettes to a wealthy artist named Peter Max.  Peter had intended on using them as canvases for a series of paintings, but the project was discarded, and the Corvettes sat in garages in New York for decades.

In 2014, two families (the Heller and Spindler families) purchased the entire collection from Peter Max.  The families then teamed up with Chris Mazzilli, a Corvette car collector, and asked if he wanted to help consult and restore the cars.  Mazzilli agreed and began creating a plan to bring all of these Corvettes back to their original showroom condition.

They then came up with the idea of turning the “Lost Corvettes” into a television series.  Mr. Mazzilli and the rest of his team at Dream Car Restoration are taking on the challenge to bring these legendary vehicles back to their full glory.  In each episode, they focus on the most important, most iconic and most valuable vehicles in the collection.  You can watch all six episodes of season one on FYI, TV if you sign into your TV provider.

The Corvettes are all being restored so they can be given away in another sweepstakes.  Only this time, there will not be just one winner.  Instead, they have decided to select 36 different winners where each winner will get one corvette from the collection.

To enter the sweepstakes, head on oner to where you can enter the sweepstakes with a tax-deductible $3 donation to the National Guard Educational Foundation.  People can buy as many tickets as they would like.  The cost for one ticket is $3, five tickets cost $10, and 20 tickets cost $25.

Corvette Heroes, a group of New York real estate and parking garage professionals co-founded by Chris Mazzilli, hopes that they will ring in at least $2.5 t0 $3 million dollars for charity as that is what the collection is appraised.

You can enter to win until April 30 with the winner being named around May 15, 2020.  Every ticket has the same chance to win one of the 36 Corvettes, but winners do not get to choose which specific Corvette they will win.

Check out this video that covers The Lost Corvettes: Inside The Famous Peter Max Collection.


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