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1959 Buick Gets a Quick Overhaul at Wilson Auto Repair

This beauty rolled into our shop recently.  It is a new purchase for our customer and he wants us to make sure it is in good mechanical condition.  We are going to give it a thorough once-over and fix any issues or hazards we come across.

As you can see from these next pictures, the exhaust is rusted and full of holes.  It will certainly need to be replaced.

We also gave this Buick a new set of springs and shocks, so it can cruise down the road and offer a much more stable and smoother ride.

Next, we disassembled the engine and sand blasted and painted engine parts that need to be restored.

The engine bay and engine were cleaned and painted, some new parts were installed, and we assembled the engine.

This 1959 Buick is just about ready to roll on out of here.  A few more adjustments and tuning and she will be on her way!

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