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10 Collector Cars Under $10,000

There is little dispute that Hagerty is the reigning expert in collector car evaluations.  They know their stuff and are considered by many to be kings in the industry.  Hagerty recently put out a list we wanted to share with you of 10 collector cars that can still be purchased for under $10 thousand dollars.

Along with an image and brief summary of each vehicle is the current value that Hagerty evaluated as a fair price using their vehicle condition and relative value guide.   All of these vehicles in this list meet their Average Condition #3 (good) value standard.

1990–94 Volkswagen Corrado | $4,600

First released in 1988, the Corrado got mix results amongst VW fans.  Some loved the car and styling while others were upset about it playing a part in ending production of the VW Scirocco which was phased out 3 years later.  Mostly the reviews were good despite a high price tag for a 1990 VW.

1984–89 Toyota MR2 | $4,300

Toyota introduced the first-generation MR2 in 1984 and it was an instant success.  Not only was it relatively affordable, but surprisingly quick.  No doubt the mid-engine and rear wheel drive combination make this little pocket rocket fun to drive.

1975–80 MG Midget | $4,300

Most MG enthusiasts are after the 1961-1970 models due to changes MG had to make to accommodate North American regulations, but the MG Midget 1500 is still a fun little convertible to drive.  Fun fact:  The last MG Midget was made in December of 1979 and the final 500 home-market cars were painted black.

1967–72 Chevrolet Suburban | $9,400

Just squeaking under the $10k mark is the 6th generation Chevy Suburban.  It was the first Suburban that had a third, rear door on the passenger side.  This generation coincided with the massive growth spurt in demand for recreational vehicles. A mere 6,200 Suburbans were produced in 1967, by 1972 that number had grown to over 27,000.  Finding one for under $10,000 might be a challenge, but according to Hagerty, they are still out there.

1962–67 Chevrolet Nova | $9,600

The first and second generation Nova can still be found just under the $10k mark.  Of course, the one pictured here is going to run you quite a bit more, but with some due diligence and research you can still find one in good condition for a reasonable price.  Don’t expect those prices to last for long.  We expect them to increase in value in the next year or so.

1979–93 Ford Mustang | $5,300

We were surprised to see that Hagerty valued an average Ford Mustang at $5,300.  We would have guessed it to be higher.  Maybe it is wide range of years that gives us that low average value.  1979-1993 are the production years for the third generation Mustang, but it was in 1987 that the Mustang got a major facelift making it seem like it belongs in a generation all its own.

1965–70 Oldsmobile 88 | $7,750

These beautifully styled Oldsmobiles came in many different body, engine and trim configurations.  2-door hard tops and convertible, 4-door hardtop and sedan body styles.  Jetfire Rocket V8, Rocket 350 V8, Super Rocket V8 and the Rocket 455 V8 were your engine choices.  All of them were built on the GM B platform which is the fourth bestselling automobile platform in history after the Volkswagen Beetle, Ford Model T and the Lada Riva.

1965–71 Dodge D/W Series Pickups | $8,500

Classic trucks are the hottest thing on the market right now.  Dodge is certainly included along with Ford and Chevy.  We bet that it won’t be long before you will be hard-pressed to find any of them in good condition for less than $10k.  The one pictured above is certainly worth much more, but we wanted to show you it anyway.  The Dude was a special sport trim package they released in 1969 for the 70 and 71 year models.  No more than 2,000 were ever produced.

1997–04 Porsche Boxster | $9,500

Hard to believe that you can pick up a Porsche for under $10k, but a quick search on Autotrader quickly dispelled the disbelief.  The first-generation Boxster, a.k.a. the 986, was created in 1996 for the 97 models.  These sports cars were first powered by a feisty 2.5-litre flat six-cylinder engine. Three years later, the Boxster was upgraded to a 2.7-litre engine and the new Boxster S variant was introduced with a 3.2-litre engine. Personally, I would pick up a mid-80s Porsche 944 Coupe as I coveted that car tremendously back in the day.

1961–64 Mercury Monterey | $9200

This was another vehicle that we found hard to believe could still be picked up in good condition for less than $10k, but who are we to doubt Hagerty valuation?  The lines of this car are fantastic!  From the sweet grill to the small fins in the back.  In our opinion, this design is a winner and will prove to hold collector interest for many years to come.

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