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Restoring and Repairing Classics Since 1980

Paint and Body Work

Classic Cars – Classic Trucks – Muscle Cars Collision Repairs to More Extensive Body Work

Body and Paint Restoration

Wilson Auto Repair can handle your paint and body work from minor dings and dents to full scale classic car collision repair. Our modern painting facilities and certified body repair specialists turn your classic car or classic truck into something that will make you smile.

The most important phase for a great paint job or custom paint job is the preparation of the body of the vehicle. We have an effective and thorough process means that:

  • We disassemble your vehicle and we inspect and store all parts
  • The frame of the vehicle is checked to determine the extent of repair required for proper body panel fits
  • We remove debris and old paint using modern equipment designed for classic cars and trucks
  • Bare steel is protected by etch prime
  • Rust and dents are removed and we replace or repair floors as needed
  • We prime the vehicle, test fit all the panels, inspect the work

Now we are ready to paint. If you have paint and body restoration work you need on your classic car or classic truck, call us at (972) 271-3579 for more information.

Custom Painting Services

Before we even begin painting your vehicle we do one more additional inspection. We want to make sure there are no imperfections or ripples that will impact painting.

We do any type of paint applications for classics at Wilson Auto Repair:

  • Flame or stripe applications
  • Straightforward, traditional, classic paint applications
  • Vehicle identifications and insignias
  • Chrome allusion paints and heavy metallic applications

You'll be pleased with our quality and attention to detail. We do things right the first time.

Get more information about paint and body services for classic cars and trucks from Wilson Auto Repair in Garland, Texas. Send us an email and we'll contact you or call us at (972) 271-3579 any time for more information.

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