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Custom Fabrication for
Classic Cars and Trucks

At Wilson Auto Repair, we specialize in customized automotive sheet metal fabrication for classic cars and classic trucks. Some of our fabrication services include:

  • Custom body work
  • Frame fabrication
  • Mounts and brackets
  • Rust repair
  • Floor pan replacement
  • Engine swaps

We make sure you can have the classic car or classic truck of your dreams. Call us at (972) 271-3579 or stop by our shop in Garland, Texas. We offer free inspections and in many instances can even travel to your location to answer your questions and give you an estimate.

Auto Fabrication Services

Since 1986, Wilson Auto Repair has done classic car fabrication work that other shops just shake their heads and walk away from. We'll work on any classic car or classic truck. We work on kit cars. We can complete projects started by others. We work on untouched originals.

Our in-house fabrication shop has the right equipment with expert craftsman. We do things right, from design to steel and aluminum work.

We're happy to talk about your classic car or classic truck. Call us at (972) 271-3579 to see if we can help you. You can also send us an email and we'll get in touch with you.

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