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Ford Mustangs

Classic Ford Mustang Tune Ups

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A rough running Mustang can lead to a miserable day on the street. The ignition and fuel system on classic Mustangs must be kept tuned to have good performance and avoid hard starting.

Mustang Tune Ups at Wilson Auto Repair

Spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap, points and condenser all have to be in top condition so that the 200 6 cylinder and 289 V8 Mustang engines start and run smoothly.

Carburetion is also a big issue with classic Mustangs. Curburetors get dirty and cause flooding which is excessive fuel to the engine.

Wilson Auto Repair has trained technicians that know how to work on classic cars. Tune ups were a big part of auto maintenance during the 60's. Knowing how to tune a Mustang engine takes experience.

Our thorough approach produces excellent results. Call us at 972-271-3579 or Visit Wilson Auto Repair at 3133 Saturn Road Garland, Texas

Rebuilding Carburetors

Rebuilding carburetors takes experience. The float setting, choke pull off, accelerator pump, power valve and linkages all have to be set properly so a carburetor will perform.

Mustang Carburetor Rebuilding at Wilson Auto Repair

Carburetors get dirty and then begin to flood the engine with gas. Many times a carburetor has been repaired and the work that was done did not include all the settings.

Wilson Auto Repair has the experience and tools to overhaul and rebuild your carburetor. Call us at 972-271-3579 or visit our shop at 3133 Saturn Road Garland, Texas