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Classic Ford Mustang Steering Repair

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The steering system on a Classic Mustang consists of Tie Rod Ends, Drag Link, Idler Arm, Pitman Arm and Steering Gear Box. Eash of these parts affect the positive feeling of a steering system. When wear occurs there is play or excessive movement in the steering wheel.

Mustang Steering Repair and Restoration at Wilson Auto Repair

Wilson Auto Repair's classic car mechanic have hours of experience ungrading and repairing Mustang Steering systems.

For More information on how to improve the steering on your Mustang call 972-271-3579 or Visit Wilson Auto Repair at 3133 Saturn Road Garland, Texas

Steering Repair

We at Wilson Auto Repair realize that many Ford Mustangs of these model years have had larger aftermarket engines installed in them since they rolled out of the manufacturing plant.

Mustang Steering Repair and Restoration at Wilson Auto Repair

The additional size and weight of a more powerful engine can put undue stress on the body of the car, leading to problems down the road. We help you avoid these problems by making sure your classic Mustang's Steering and suspension are repaired or restored to give you the ride and the safety you need.

We will sit down with you and discuss your options for your classic Ford Mustang's suspension, taking into consideration the nuances of each model year from 1964-1973, including special models like a Shelby or Boss.