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Classic Ford Mustang Floor Pan Repair

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While we all love our classic cars, the main thing that makes them a classic is their age. As a result, there are many issues that arise because of rust and corrosion. Combine these natural process with the lack of effective rust protection during that time and you have a recipe for what many classic Ford Mustang owners are familiar with: rotting floor pans.

Trunk pan removed Trunk pan installed

This critical component of your classic Mustang is something we take very seriously at Wilson Auto Repair. It's in this area that you will appreciate our attention to detail. We have seen many "repairs" that have consisted of putting a piece of metal over a hole in the floor plan. Sure this can keep your feet from going through the floor but there is no water protection and, quite honestly, it is unsafe.

For your floor pan problem, we'll make a repair that is undetectable to the next person who looks under your vintage Mustang. We won't settle with makeshift patching. Instead, we remove all the floor panels and the trunk, install complete new ones, and then coat them for maximum protection and peace of mind.

We care about your classic Mustang as if it were our own. We also realize that Mustang owners talk to other Mustang owners and our goal is to have you recommend Wilson Auto Repair to your friends.

We have been performing this kind of work for nearly 25 years and our professionalism and attention to detail is what sets us apart.

We serve the entire Dallas metro area, so call us at 972-271-3579 to get started today. We have done our job when you get repair and restoration work that cannot be detected. Give us a chance to impress you today.