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Ford Mustangs

Classic First Generation Mustang Engine Repair

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Ford Mustangs from the year 1964-1973 certainly kept engine enthusiasts busy. The various combinations and mid-model year changes created a number of engines that went out of production. With each passing model year, the emphasis was on more power as Ford responded to the market's call for muscle cars.

At Wilson Auto Repair, we have worked on and overhauled just about every combination that Ford was able to put together from that era.

Whether it's a V6 or V8, a smaller early engine or the rarest 1969 Boss 429, Wilson Auto Repair has been involved in the repair and overhaul of virtually every kind of vintage Mustang engine.

As with everything we do, our attention to detail is the Wilson difference. When it comes to classic Mustang restorations and repairs, we can talk "shop" all day and dazzle you with the right specs, but it's our workmanship that you'll always appreciate.

Our mechanics and technicians are specialists in these repairs and overhauls, so that you don't have to be. We source the best parts and provide you with the best experience in making your engine like new again. From removing the engine to the complete cleaning of the engine compartment to painting and reinstalling, our job is to make your car's engine something that performs and impresses.

Let us do the work on your Ford Mustang motor. Our specialty is working on all Mustangs from the 1965 to 1973 model years. Call Wilson Auto repair today at 972-271-3579 for more information. We serve the Dallas metro area and our nearly 25 years of happy customers will help you to feel confident that you are getting the best service possible.

Also check a video that showcases some of our engine work on Mustangs. This first video is of us restoring an engine bay in a 1965 Mustang.