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Ford Mustangs

Classic Mustang Electrical Repair

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As with any car, the proper electrical and wiring of the car is critical to its overall performance. First generation Ford Mustangs (model years 1964-1973) are no different. It's important to have the experience and expertise to make repairs and perform restorations correctly so you can have years of joy from your classic Mustang.

1970 Mach One completely rewired.  Pictured is the new fuse panel

At Wilson Auto Repair, we have nearly 25 years of experience in the repair and restoration of these classic cars. Our knowledge of each Mustang model year's alternators, generators, batteries, wiring systems, fuses, starters, switches and switch panels give us the expertise to handle any problem with your classic car.

From removal of the old system to the installation of your new electrical system, our trained mechanics will take the care you would expect in working with your irreplaceable Mustang. We treat each of these vehicles as our own and we understand the importance of repairing and restoring your classic to its original form.

A lot can happen to copper wiring in 40 years. From brittle insulation to exposed copper, there are plenty of opportunities for electrical problems that lead to even bigger issues, like being stranded on the roadside at the wrong place and the wrong time.

We take our commitment to repairing and restoring your classic Mustang's electrical system very seriously. Our experience and expertise can get your car working the way you want it and give you the confidence that your car is as good if not better than it originally was.

Call us at 972-271-3579 for more information about we can work to make the electrical system of your classic Mustang do what it was designed to do.