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Classic 1973 Ford Mustang Repair & Restoration

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1973 marked the final year of the first generation of the Ford Mustang. Many changes were happening in the marketplace, and continued government regulation requirements were making it difficult to produce muscle cars like the Mustang.

Interestingly enough, while there only a few slight modifications in this model year the 1973 Mustang sold 10,000 more cars that the previous year. Convertibles sold briskly due to rumors that this was the last chance to buy one. It would take another 10 years before a Mustang convertible would be offered again.

1973 Mustangs saw power front-disc brakes become standard with a 351 V-8 and for all convertibles, and both disc and drum brakes were enlarged for cars without power assist. Some '73 Mustang options packages were designed to almost create a Mach 1 type feel, while hard tops had a three-quarter vinyl option also.

Emissions standards cut way back on the horsepower of some of the engines offered, so the once powerful Mustang was losing some of its punch. While the 1973 might not be the most powerful of all Mustangs, you can add a more powerful engine to rival the speediest of Mustang muscle cars.

With sales declining since 1966, the 1973 Ford Mustang was the last in a line of classic cars that had seen the change from sporty fun car to that of a muscle car.

At Wilson Auto Repair, we treat your Mustang as if it were our own. We have been in business in the Dallas area for nearly 25 years and our track record of repairing and restoring classic Mustangs is unmatched in the region.

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Also check out this video that showcases the work we did on a 1973 Mustang. This video shows us replacing the gas tank's fuel lines.