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Ford Mustangs

Classic 1972 Ford Mustang Repair & Restoration

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With the 1972 model year, it was obvious that sales of Ford's classic Mustang were not going well. This year saw only about 125,000 units come out of production.

1972 Mustang Restoration and Repair at Wilson Auto Repair

'72 Mustangs were largely unchanged from their 1971 siblings. The Boss 351 and both versions of the 429 were discontinued as the government's calls for greater fuel efficiency hurt many of the pony cars.

Standard 6- and 8-cylinder options were available, and in mid-year production was run on the HO 351 engine. Available on all Mustang models in 1972, it was reasonably priced but created the need for even more options. Among these mandatory options were the comp suspension ($29), F60-15 tires on wide wheels ($92), power front-disc brakes, a 3.91:1 rear axle with Traction-Lok ($56), and a heavy-duty battery and radiator.

So, while 1972 was not the best of years for Mustang sales, '72 Mustangs are an important part of the first generation of the car that made its mark on the American automobile industry.

At Wilson, we love every first generation Mustang. Our commitment is to perform repairs and do restoration of these great cars to meet your desires, so bring us your 1972 Mustang for us to take a look.

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