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Classic 1970 Ford Mustang Repair & Restoration

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The 1970 Mustang model year saw the end of the Shelby offering. 1969's Boss 302 and 429 provided better options that made the Shelby less desirable. If there was anything that the people at Ford proved in the first several years of the Mustang's existence, it was that was change was the norm. Much of the changes that occurred in the '69 model year stayed around for 1970.

1970 Mustang Restoration and Repair at Wilson Auto Repair

The Mustangs available in 1970 included Fastback (including Mach 1), Convertible, Hardtop, Hardtop Grande, Boss 302 and Boss 429.

Of note is that with all of the publicity surrounding the 428 Cobra Jet engine the year before, there was a Boss engine option (429 ci 4V V-8 with 375hp was known as the "Boss 429") available in 1970 that generated 40 more horsepower than the CJ. Once again, Ford was making a statement that power was synonymous with the Mustang.

One notable change was the grille, which now contained the headlights. There was also a change to the steering wheel, but this model year saw fewer design changes than those that marked the late '60s Mustangs.

While some might not be able to tell the difference between a 1969 and a 1970 Mustang, rest assured we can at Wilson Auto Repair. We have nearly 25 years of experience in renovating, repairing and restoring classic first-generation Mustangs from the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington, and Garland area.

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