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Classic 1969 Ford Mustang Repair & Restoration

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The 1969 Mustang model year is best known for the Mach 1 and the Mustang Boss. This was the year that the Mustang became a true muscle and street car. The Mach 1 Fastback offered a 351 V-8 with dual exhausts, but is only one highlight of an incredible model year. In fact, there is such a variety of options for 1969 Mustangs, from body styles to engines to suspension packages, keeping track of the different variations is a job unto itself!

The 1969 Mustang saw many body style changes, including a hood design that had a more distinctive V shape. Some models showed the addition of the sports roof which gave some models a very distinctive look.

The Mach 1 was the most prominent model though. This model was known for the Windsor engine, which would give way to the Cleveland engine the following year. With the engine's size and power, the Mach 1's Cobra Jet 428 made it one of the fastest production cars in the world. Having this much power also required some special suspension changes also. All in all, if someone was looking for speed, the 1969 Mustang Mach 1 was the car. For pure numbers, The Cobra Jet-powered Mach in 5.5 seconds from 0-60 mph and flew through the standing quarter-mile in 13.9 seconds at 103 mph.

At Wilson Auto Repair, we understand the nuances of the many options offered by the 1969 lineup of Ford Mustangs. Whether you have a Grande or a Mach 1 or the BOSS, we can help with repairs and restoration needs to help you experience the Mach 1 the same way it drove in 1969.

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