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Classic 1967 Ford Mustang Repair & Restoration

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The 1967 model year for the Ford Mustang was one of significant design changes, not because Ford thought it was time to make changes, but due to increasing competitive pressure from the Pontiac Firebird and the impending Chevy Camaro to make the 1967 Mustang a true muscle car.

1967 Mustang Restoration and Repair at Wilson Auto Repair

Ford's response was to make several changes to the 1967 model, first adding two inches to the car's length. This happened in conjunction with the widening of the front suspension track by 2.5 inches. Design changes like this cleared the way for the introduction of the first big block engine in the Mustang, the new 390-cubic-inch 6.4L V-8 Engine. With this optional engine, the 1967 Mustang could achieve 0-60 mph in 7.4 seconds with a top speed of 115 mph.

Ford also made changes to the exterior to significantly upgrade the look and feel of the car. Upgraded side scoops and a newly-designed front grille give the '67 Mustang a tougher look. The rear lights were updated from the convex look of previous models to a concave appearance. Another touch would see the block letter Ford logo for the last time until the 1974 model. The biggest change was that the 1967 Mustang was the last model year for the "Hi-Po" performance engine.

This year also saw the 2+2 Mustang Fastback model, with a roof line now running all the way to the rear trunk lid. '66 Fastback owners can customize their car with chrome bezels for the special ribbed rear panel.

Ford accomplished its goal of creating a muscle car to handle the competition. With the larger engine options and a high-performance look, the 1967 Mustang was another solid seller.

Do you remember how much one of these great cars cost from the dealer?

  • $2,898 Standard Convertible
  • $2,461 Standard Coupe
  • $2,692 Standard Fastback

At Wilson Auto Repair, we know that those sticker prices are long gone but you can still have a 1967 Mustang that looks like it came right off the showroom floor.

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